Good Friday Service (MTC & NC)

Encountering Jesus

April 7, 2023
7:00 - 9:00pm

Come experience the Disciple's encounter and journey with Jesus to the cross, through an interactive display of the Last Supper, the opportunity to participate in foot washing during our service as modeled by Jesus (John 13:1-17), along with taking of communion (‎Matthew 26:26-29), as we encounter the One who humbled himself and became vulnerable, choosing to be revealed as a man and was obedient. He was a perfect example, even in his death—a criminal's death by crucifixion! Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names! JESUS! (Phil 2:8-10) DOORS OPEN AT 6:30 pm at both our Mt Carmel Campus & Norris City Campus