Group Bios - 19SU

Aleisha + Jess

GALS Aleisha studied Occupational Therapy at USI and graduated in 2012. She now works part time as an occupational therapist at a nursing home and spends the rest of her time at home with her two girls! She also loves being outside with her family! She's been a part of the Return since the beginning. Her and her husband, JD, stepping into their passion for serving alongside one another with students. She loves the fact that after six years they are still being called to action by serving here at the Return! She loves the constant support, encouragement, and love she gets from a part of the Return! This is Jess! She currently works as a bar manager at Brownies in New Albany! In her free time, she spends a lot of time with her niece and nephews. She also enjoys reading new books! She first came to the Return when a good friend invited her. She says the reason she keeps going back is that it became home to her!

Devin + Lauren

GALS This is Devin! She is currently attending IUS with an undecided major and works as a barista at Coffee Crossing! In Devin's free time, she loves drinking coffee and hanging out with her friends! She found the Return after transitioning out of the Rising. She recalls that she stayed because of how friendly the atmosphere is! Meet Lauren! She's currently a sophomore at IUS, pursuing a degree in Psychology! She works at Dillard as a Sales Associate in the Juniors department! When she isn't at work or school, you can find her drinking coffee or hanging out with her friends! She came to the Return after transitioning out of the Rising a year ago. She says she chose to stay because she loves the loving environment and community that is the Return!

Jacklyn + Kayla

GALS Meet Jacklyn! She recently graduated from IUS and will be teaching English and Spanish at Floyd Central High School in the fall! For the summer, you'll find her working at Jay-C in Sellersburg! She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends! She started coming to the Return in 2015 after being invited by a friend. She kept coming back because of how welcoming the environment is and the many friendships she made! She says the Return is the first place where she felt like she truly belonged! This is Kayla! She loves teaching and helping kids at Childplace in Jeffersonville, where she works with the residential youth. In her free time, you'll find her hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, playing games, or spending time outdoors! She began at Northside attending the weekend service, when a friend invited her to check out the Return! She admits at first she was a little apprehensive, but eventually she got connected and started to feel at home, exactly where God wanted her to be!

Katie + Hannah

GALS This is Katie! She is currently a senior at IUS in the School of Nursing program! She currently works as a Home Health Aide at Adaptive Hospice! Whenever she isn’t at school or work, Katie loves to paint, camp, and hike! She started coming to the Return over a year ago when her aunt suggested that she give it a try. She’s never left because it was such a welcoming environment and everyone is just so friendly! Meet Hannah! She is a student at IUS studying Psychology with the hopes of going on to physical therapy school afterward! She works at Baptist Health Floyd as a transporter and says there's never a dull day there! With her free time, she loves playing with her puppy, Winnie, kayaking, hiking, and coaching softball. She ended up at the Return almost a year ago when her best friend saw the Return slide on a weekend service, and they both decided to check it out together! She said she fell in love with the welcoming and cultivating environment and hasn't left since. Because of the community within the Return, she's been able to grow as a person and in her faith!

Kelsea + Lexi

GALS Kelsea has a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Louisville, and she works here at Northside with the Return as a Young Women's Discipleship Minister! In her spare time, you'll find Kelsea with her black lab, Brody, either sipping on coffee or playing outside! Kelsea first came to the Return in 2013 after seeing a slide about it on the weekend at the main service! Kelsea says that through the Return, and all of the people in it, God place her exactly where He knew she needed to be! Meet Lexi! She recently graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Exercise Science! You can also find her at Altar'd State! In her free time, Lexi enjoys traveling, being with her friends and family, and writing! She was introduced to the Return last summer. She loves having a connection with God and seeing other people make that same connection!

Lydia + Kyleigh

GALS Lydia is currently going to school online at Johnson University! She is pursuing a major in pastoral care and counseling. Lydia likes to read, but more importantly, loves to hang out and train her dog, Legend. Lydia was a part of Northside's high school ministry, the Rising, and transitioned into to the Return after she graduated. Lydia stayed at the Return because of the support she received and how it has inspired her walk with Jesus! Meet Kyleigh! She is currently a student at IUS studying Elementary Education. She loves to babysit and also works concessions for New Albany's little league fields!! In her free time, you'll find Kyleigh hanging out with her dogs and enjoying the fresh air outdoors! She came to the Return after she graduated from the Rising, but she kept coming back because of how fun and inviting the atmosphere is, and because she likes to grow in her faith with others who are in the same season of life!

Leah + Katie

GALS Leah, an enneagram 1, graduated in 2015 with a Computer Science degree. She's now using that on staff here at Northside as a Web Developer/IT Support! Whenever she isn't working or serving with the Return, you'll find her checking out local coffee shops, working puzzles of all kinds, and finding new music! Leah found us by Googling shortly after moving here in 2015! She recalls how welcomed she was and how everyone so genuinely cared about her; she's kept coming ever since and now it's home! Meet Katie! She is currently a senior at IUS pursuing a degree in Psychology. She's currently hunting for a job! In her free time, you'll find her drinking coffee and playing ultimate frisbee! She came to the Return after being invited to Super Awesome by a friend. She says she kept coming back because she loves Ben's sermons every week, and because of the community of friends around her!

Callie + Maddy

GALS Callie is not currently enrolled, however she plans to go back to IUS this fall to finish her degrees in Marketing and Management! She works full-time as the Customer Service and Marketing Assistant at Goat Milk Stuff in Scottsburg! In her free time, she loves to drink coffee alone with her journal or with her friends! She also enjoys spending time with the love of her life, Lyric (her cat)! You may also find her singing Taylor Swift karaoke in the car! After a weekend service, she met Ben who had invited her to come to the Return! A few weeks later, she met a friend in the Journey who was also involved with the Return. When she showed up, she says she found an overwhelmingly welcoming group of people who quickly became some of her closest friends! She loves how this community consistently points her to Jesus and reminds her Whose she is! Meet Maddy! She graduated from UofL in 2015 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business. She now works on staff here at Northside as the Family Ministries Administrative Assistant. In her free time, you'll find her traveling the world, going on missions trips, or hanging out with her cat, Meeko! Maddy ended up at the Return because of her best friend; they both wanted to try it out! She stayed because it was the right decision and just really felt like she had been connected! Maddy says she's made so many friends and has grown to feel close to God through the Return!

Tonya + Kristen

GALS This is Tonya! She just recently graduated from IUS with a degree in General Studies and will soon be working in the accounting department at Emergency Services in Louisville! In her free time, she loves to drink coffee, shop, travel, or binge watch Netflix. She found the Return back in 2014 after being invited by Tyler Light and Joel Murphy. She remembers getting instantly connected and began to meet a lot of new friends. Those friends soon turned into her family and have helped shape her life along the way. She says that is why she has stayed at the Return ever since! Meet Kristen! She is currently a student at IUPUI and studies Exercise Science! She works on campus there in the Center for Young Children. When she's not at school or work, she loves to be outside doing basically anything, but mainly volleyball. She also loves to read! Kristen said she transitioned into the Return after being in the Rising for a couple of years. She loved the community and the people of the Return so much, and it is one of the things she is most excited about when she comes home for the summer!

Brooke + Emery

CO-ED Meet Brooke! She's currently in nursing school at IUS and recently graduated from Northside's School of Ministry! She currently has an apprenticeship with the Return, nannies, and also works at Clark Memorial Hospital! When she has free time, you'll find her editing photos and videos or watching crime shows! She found the Return after hearing about it on the weekend! She didn't know anyone besides Ben and Kelsea when she first came, but she pursued the calling she felt God putting on her heart to be surrounded by people of the same age who are actively expressing their faith! She's been coming ever since! Meet Emery! He recently earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue Polytechnic! He currently works at Culligan Water but is looking for a job that is in his field of study. When he's not working, you can find Emery on his four-wheeler or building things! He came to the Return after being invited by friends!

Cali + Peyton

CO-ED Cali recently graduated from Northside's School of Ministry and also works as a barista at Coffee Crossing! She also plans to attend Johnson University online this fall for pastoral care and counseling. In her free time, she enjoys taking naps and eating hot chicken. Cali found the Return after a co-worker invited her. She says she enjoyed it from the very first time she heard Ben speak! She decided to stay to learn more about God's Word so she could deepen her relationship with Him and build new friendships! Meet Peyton! He's in his third year at IUS studying Elementary Education and has also recently graduated Northside's School of Ministry! Peyton now works on staff here at Northside as an Early Elementary Team Developer! When he's not at school or work, you can find him spending time with his friends and family or finding something to watch on Netflix! He came to the Return as he was transitioning out of the Rising. He chose to stay because he made so many genuine connections! He says he loves the welcoming and inclusive environment that makes the Return feel like home!

Caison + Sydney

CO-ED Caison works at a tech firm setting up and troubleshooting computers. When he isn't working, some of his favorite things to do is taking drives and exploring his passion of audio and video projects! Caison first came to the Return through his sister. He says that he has finally found a church where he loves going every week and enjoys the teaching and learning from the Bible! Sydney has a degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Indianapolis! She currently works for ADP as a Retirement Education Support Specialist. She LOVES musicals, and you will often find her jamming to cast albums in her car! She has been attending church at Northside for many years, and after moving home from college, she was looking for a church community and found the Return! She loved how every person she met was so welcoming and decided to keep showing up!

Isaac + Grace

CO-ED This is Isaac! He's currently in school studying construction technology while working at Valvoline! In his free time, you'll find hims pending a lot of quality time with his friends! He joined the Return after graduating from high school and transitioning out of the Rising. He says what kept him involved with the Return is the community! Meet Grace! She's a senior at IUS, majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice and plans to pursue a career in counseling. She also works as a barista at Kolkin Coffee! In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and drinking coffee. Grace grew up at Northside, and after being connected through Passion last year, Romania, and just being more involved, she has just kept coming back! She loves that when you walk through the door how apparent it is the love for Jesus pouring out through everyone!

Jen + Eric

CO-ED Jennifer, or "Nokes" as we like to call her, says she is "living the dream" as a 2nd grade teacher at Christian Academy of Indiana. When she is not attending church, teaching, or serving, you'll find her hanging out with her family and friends! Nokes has been here at the Return since the very beginning! She recalls first meeting Ben when he came on staff seven years ago and knowing that God was up to something amazing as He was calling her to be a part of this vision for the Return. Today, she'll tell you that she loves living life alongside students and investing into leaders of the Return! This is Eric! He is a student at IUS pursuing a degree in Computer Science! He's also a barista at Coffee Crossing, so he says to come see him! Some of his favorite things to do in his free time are to play ultimate frisbee or to hang out with his friends! He also really enjoys doing Bible studies! He found the Return through a close family friend. He says he stayed because of the messages each week and the community that has helped him!

KP + Zach

CO-ED This is KP! She recently graduated from Northside's School of Ministry! She works in a couple different areas: Elderberry Co. and photo booths at various events! When she isn't working, you'll find her using her free time to hang out with her friends, reading, and resting! After she moved here from Vegas a couple of years ago, she found the Return and knew she wanted to be a part of this thriving college age ministry! Meet Zach! He is currently a student at Eternity Bible College pursuing a degree in Biblical studies. He works as a delivery driver for Kratz Sporting Goods and coaches 5th grade boys basketball at Christian Academy! He says he loves the Return because of how welcome everyone is, and, most importantly, he loves to see God move in this season of life!