Brooke + Isaac


NAME: Brooke Miller ENNEAGRAM #: 6 Meet Brooke! She's currently in nursing school at IUS and recently graduated from Northside's School of Ministry! She currently has an apprenticeship with the Return, nannies, and also works at Clark Memorial Hospital! When she has free time, you'll find her editing photos and videos or watching crime shows! She found the Return after hearing about it on the weekend! She didn't know anyone besides Ben and Kelsea when she first came, but she pursued the calling she felt God putting on her heart to be surrounded by people of the same age who are actively expressing their faith! She's been coming ever since! NAME: Isaac Hogle ENNEAGRAM #: 7 This is Isaac! He's currently a student in Northside's School of Ministry and also works full time at Valvoline! In his free time, you'll find him spending a lot of quality time with community from the Return, playing ultimate frisbee, and enjoying the outdoors! He joined the Return after graduating from high school and transitioning out of the Rising. He says what kept him involved with the Return is the community, and how genuinely people care for each other!


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