Whole Again

Whole Again: Close to the Cab

Week 4 • March 25, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

Now that we’re no longer under the tyranny of the law, can we live any way that we please? Is it ok to dabble in pornography? How far is too far to go physically in a dating relationship? Is my prayer request really a request or an opportunity to gossip? In the final week of our Whole Again series, Pastor Gabe teaches from the end of Romans 6 of our new motivation, our new mindset, and our new power to live free.

Whole Again: Living Like It

Week 3 • March 18, 2018 • Pastor Tim Thorn

If you have placed your faith in Jesus then you are free from the power of sin. So why do we sometimes feel drawn to something to which we are no longer a slave? This week, we continue with week 3 of our Whole Again series by looking at Romans 6:11-14, where we’ll talk about why we sometimes feel this way and what we can do about it.

Whole Again: What's Wrong With Me?

Week 2 • March 11, 2018 • Pastor Tim Thorn

It’s easy to go through seasons of life and feel stuck. Oftentimes we are found asking ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?” Whether you’ve hit a wall, developed a bad habit, or just never known what your life could look like under complete control, Paul’s words in Romans 6 bring hope to a bleak situation. This week, we will continue our Whole Again series by looking at Romans 6:6-11, which brings clarity to the question, “What’s wrong with me?”

Whole Again: Clearly Confused

Week 1 • March 4, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

In week 1 of our series Whole Again, we merge into the middle of one of Paul’s most well known writings, the book of Romans. In Romans 6 we find a clear teaching on baptism, how a believer’s relationship with sin must change, and ultimately we get a picture of how Jesus longs to make us whole.