Transitions: Divine Design

Week 4 • May 14, 2017 • Pastor Gabe Turner

There’s a certain set of equipment related to every sport and you don’t mix the equipment if you want to be successful and play the game the right way - the way it was designed. The same is true with life and all of it's transitions. In the final week of our Transitions Series Pastor Gabe teaches that life will never be all that God intends for us unless we're living according to His divine design.

Transitions: The Huddle

Week 3 • May 7, 2017 • Pastor Gabe Turner

There are a lot of voices at every basketball game - from the fans, to the refs, to the opposition, to your own coach or teammate. Each one has potential to or would like to be able to influence the direction of the game. In week 3 of our Transitions Series, Pastor Gabe teaches from Genesis 50 that not everyone who shows up at the game should be in your huddle.

Transitions: Out Of Bounds

April 30, 2017 • April 30, 2017 • Pastor Gabe Turner

In seasons of God's apparent silence it's always easy to conclude that He's absent or uninvolved in our lives. In week 2 of our Transitions series, Pastor Gabe teaches from Genesis 50 that it's God's responsibility to be sovereign and our responsibility to be obedient. If we confuse the two, we'll quickly find ourselves out of bounds.

Transitions: Slow Down!

Week 1 • April 23, 2017 • Pastor Gabriel Turner

Life is much like the game of basketball - full of transitions. Occasionally we have a season or a window of time to run a "set play," but mostly we're rushing in the frantic pace of major transitions. Unfortunately there's so much under the surface of our lives that we never deal with in the transitions, and we push through wounds, through pain, through fears, rather than facing up to the deep work that God longs to do in our hearts. In week one of this series Pastor Gabe teaches from Genesis 50 on a life-changing truth that anchored and healed Joseph's heart in midst of significant transitions - a truth that God is longing for us to embrace as well.