Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices: The Voice of Hate

Week 2 • August 12, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

Sunday, August 12, marked the one year anniversary of the violent and tragic events that shook our city, claimed the lives of three people, and injured dozens of others. In week 2 of our series, "Hearing Voices", Pastor Gabe preaches on the power of Jesus over the voice of hate, and what we must continue to do as the church in pushing back the darkness of sin in this world.

Hearing Voices: A World of Potential

Week 1 • August 5, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

So often we’ll hear people use statements such as “The Lord spoke to me…” or “God told me…” as if it’s an every moment or normal occurrence. Is it really possible to hear the voice of God like that? Is it an audible voice? Or much louder? Pastor Gabe introduces some very special guests, and shares the world of possibilities that open for us when we hear God’s voice and have the courage to obey.