Christmas with The Point

December 24, 2016 • Pastor Gabe Turner

We've all experienced the defining power of circumstances. They dictate to us how we view life, how we respond to life, how we navigate life. It's true of the dramatic moments, but it's true of what seems mundane as well. In this Christmas message Pastor Gabe teaches from Luke 2:1-7 on the defining power of God to bring Divine purpose to every circumstance of life.

Christmas: Hanging By A Thread

Week 3 • December 18, 2016 • Pastor Gabriel Turner

There are times when life leaves us hanging by a very thin thread that could snap at any minute. In week three of our Christmas series, Pastor Gabe teaches that if you're barely hanging on you're the perfect candidate for Christmas.

Christmas: All Better

Week 2 • December 11, 2016 • Pastor Gabriel Turner

What should be one of the most exciting times of the year for us in Christmas is often the most painful. The afflictions of life don't seem subside with the joy of the season, they only seem to grow more intense. In week two of our Christmas series Pastor Gabe continues to teach on the ache that is so persistent and why Paul encourages us that regardless of the affliction, "We do not lose heart."

Christmas: Give it Direction

Week 1 • December 4, 2016 • Pastor Gabriel Turner

Everyone of us knows well the internal ache that comes and goes in life, but can be especially intense and linger during the Christmas season. It's an ache that causes us to compare against years past. It's an ache for everything to be right. It's an ache that can leave us disoriented and even depressed. In week one of our Christmas series, Pastor Gabe teaches on a passage where Paul describes his own ache and then encourages us on how to give our ache the right direction.