Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys: Visions to Visions

Week 3 • October 30, 2016 • Pastor Gabe Turner

There’s an ache that exists inside all of us for what could be and should be. For our future, for our marriage, for our family, for our career, for our calling. It’s an ache to make our lives count for something eternal and many of us have dismissed it unsure of what to do with it or not willing to pay the price it requires. In week 3 of Mountains and Valleys Pastor Gabe teaches from the life of Jacob on the price of vision and the joy of running with it.

Mountains and Valleys: Name Changer

Week 2 • October 23, 2016 • Pastor Gabe Turner

We all love the destinations in life, but seldom do we appreciate the process of arriving at them. In week 2 of this series, Pastor Gabe teaches from the life of Jacob on how the journey involves God dealing with our past to prepare us for his future work.

Mountains and Valleys: Process the Process

Week 1 • October 16, 2016 • Pastor Gabe Turner

Most of us live life consumed with one of two directions. We’re either haunted by our past or anxious for the future. In week 1 of our series, Mountains and Valleys, Pastor Gabe teaches from the life of Jacob on what it means to fully live in the present and to get the most out of the gift of “today.”