The Point: Fully Present

February 4, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

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Sunday Worship

May 20, 2018 • May 20, 2018 • Pastor Dave Herring

In Your Light - Bethel Music (led by Pastor Dave) He Is Faithful - Jesus Culture Music (led by Andrew Peterson) So Will I (100 Billion X) - Hillsong Music (led by Niki Willis) It Is Well - Philip Paul Bliss and Horatio G. Spafford (led by Niki Willis)

From The Ground Up: Rest

Week 1 • May 20, 2018 • Pastor Zack Pugh

Many of us find ourselves working for the weekend. We pour out everything we have during the week and collapse into a time of rest because we simply cannot go on any longer. Then we walk away from the time that is suppose to be rejuvenating feeling just as burnt out as before. In week 1 of our series “From The Ground Up,” Pastor Zack teaches on the spiritual discipline of rest and how to work from it rather than for it.

Sunday Worship

May 13, 2018 • May 13, 2018 • Kari Turner

One Thing Remains - Bethel Music (led by Kaitlin Burton) You Came (Lazarus) - Bethel Music (led by Lili Galvez) How Deep The Father's Love For Us - Stuart Townend (led by Kari Turner)