The Point: Fully Present

February 4, 2018 • Pastor Gabe Turner

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Sunday Worship

March 17, 2019 • Pastor Nic Dampier

Raise a Hallelujah - Bethel (Led by Andrew Peterson and Casidi Willis) How He Loves - John Mark McMillan (Led by Pastor Nic Dampier) Victory is Yours - Bethel (Led by Cesia Stapler)

Sunday Worship

March 24, 2019 • Pastor Dave Herring

This is Amazing Grace - Bethel (Led by Pastor Dave) King of My Heart - Bethel (Led by Niki Willis) Reckless Love - Bethel (Led by Niki Willis and Casidi Willis)

Just Get Me Home

Week Seven • March 24, 2019 • Pastor Gabe Turner

Emotions are a funny thing. Some love to sit and talk about their feelings, while to others it’s the last thing they want to talk about. Regardless of our preference we have to pay attention to what’s happening in the deep places of the heart. Failure to do so will wreak havoc internally and relationally as well. In week 7 of our series, Emotional Wreck, Pastor Gabe concludes teaching on how to trust in a process that is unfolding behind what we see, that will lead to greater levels of emotional and spiritual clarity and maturity.