Lead Up: Episode 006 - Creating Vision

Creating Vision

March 9, 2020 • The Point VA

Creating Vision - Vision is a destination, not the strategy in which you get there. Amber Parker shares about her new book, Finding Simplicity.

Lead Up: Episode 005 - Leadership Culture

March 2, 2020 • The Point VA

Leadership Culture - Living intentionally with culture is like eating healthy - it takes a little discipline and planning but it's so good for you!

Lead Up: Episode 004 - Joy

February 24, 2020 • The Point VA

It’s more than a feeling, but a state of being. Where does your joy come from?

Lead Up: Episode 003 - Leading Yourself Well

February 18, 2020 • The Point VA

Self-awareness is more than knowing if you smell bad in a crowd. How many times does Jessie, "go full Fluvanna County?"