Elijah-Man of God

Aired June-August 2019

Tag You're It - Part 2

August 8, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Elijah's story shows the remedy for depression by way of service to others. If you feel as if you've already experienced burnout this way, Pastor Bill encourages you in today's study. Spend 40 days of rest with the Lord and seek His voice afresh asking how you can serve Him. If a spiritual gift remains in your life to reach others, then the Lord is not finished with you. If you find yourself giving up on the Lord too soon, ask Him to provide more workers so that your spirit can find refreshment.

Tag You're It

August 7, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Have you told God all you want is an easy life? Well, as Pastor Bill points out in his message today, that's not God's plan for any of His children. As long as there are lost people who don't know about Jesus, there is work to do. God has a plan for you and has given you specific spiritual gifts to serve Him. His plan might not be your plan, but the Lord will prepare you for the work He has for you. Be a willing servant so that when someone comes to you asking for help, you are ready.

Prayer Warrior - Part 2

August 6, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Have you ever shared a prayer request with a friend that you've never actually prayed for yourself? I know I am guilty of such. Today Pastor Bill shares how you can't just ask others to pray for you, you need to be right there on your knees lifting that prayer to the Lord. And not just a quick prayer in the car (although God does still hear these). Pastor Bill takes apart the Greek and shares that you should pray a prayer in prayer. There is a difference, a level of earnestness, and work involved that happens only on your knees in your prayer closet.

Prayer Warrior

August 5, 2019 • Bill Gehm

You can learn a lot about prayer from the prophet Elijah. In his message today, Pastor Bill shares how every Christian church should be praying like Elijah, which rarely is the case. Elijah was a fervent man of prayer; he was passionate, emotional, sincere and intense. His style wasn't a quick 15-second prayer. He was down on his knees, in his prayer closet, spending considerable time praying. Have you ever asked, "why is the Lord not answering my prayers"? Perhaps try praying like Elijah and with faith, you can move a mountain.

Elijah & the Transfiguration of Christ

August 2, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Pastor Bill claims to be a "mountain man", because he follows the God who appears on mountains. You too can be a mountain person; in fact, God might even call you to a mountain top experience. In today's message, Pastor Bill encourages you to represent Christ with the crosses you take up. The ministry you have on earth today can impact generations to come, just like the ministry of Elijah and the mountain top experience that influenced generations to follow.

Elijah & the Transfiguration of Christ

August 1, 2019 • Bill Gehm

When you've been told to "take up your cross and follow Jesus", have you ever wondered what your cross could be? Today, Pastor Bill does an excellent job describing a few "crosses" people experience. A cross is anything that you are worshipping more than God. An old car you spend time and money rehabbing. A relationship you spend more time working on than your relationship with Christ. Today, consider what is taking your time and attention away from the Lord and take it up to follow Christ.

Ammunition for Jesus - Part 2

July 31, 2019 • Bill Gehm

When Jesus preached his first sermon to his neighbors, they responded with unbelief. In today's message, Pastor Bill asks you what decision you will make when the Word of God becomes real right before your eyes. Will you fall to the ground and worship him, or deny him? This decision affects your life now and for all eternity. It's not enough to marvel at Jesus works and wonders; you must accept him as your Lord and Savior. If you can't state when you received him, maybe today is the day to commit fully.

Ammunition for Jesus

July 30, 2019 • Bill Gehm

The life you live today can reach people beyond your everyday life and for years to come. Today, Pastor Bill shares how, after Elijah's departure, people like Jesus were still affected by Elijah's ministry many years later. The same can be said of each of Jesus's followers. Another example would be Billy Graham. Even though Pastor Graham has passed away, he continues to touch and affect people with his ministry even today. You, too, can make a meaningful impact for Christ.

Time to Represent - Part 2

July 29, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Taking a moment to speak to the older generation today, Pastor Bill encourages you not to sit back and let the younger pups run the show. God didn't put you here to settle down and be comfortable, even if you've already "done your part". Pastor Bill spurs you to continue blessing others with the gifts the Lord has given you. Guide and strengthen the younger generation, even if they "know" more than you, wisdom only comes with age and experience. You will never be too old to do the Lord's good work.

Time to Represent

July 26, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Today in his message, Pastor Bill tackles the question, "how should I live knowing I will be gone tomorrow"? The first part of his answer involves the fact that if you are a follower of Christ, you will be in heaven upon your death. Understanding this, Pastor Bill encourages you to face your daily struggles with hope for tomorrow. Secondly, if you knew today was your last day, Pastor Bill invites you to represent the Lord well. Share the good news to others so they can have the same hope for the afterlife.

Iron Man's Last Day - Part 2

July 25, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Chances are you're familiar with the old saying “understanding is half the battle.” As believers and followers of Christ, we have the responsibility of first understanding the battle we fight and equipping ourselves to fight against it efficiently. In today's message, Pastor Bill reflects on the spiritual battles that we face as believers on a regular basis. In his study, you'll learn the importance of maturing in your faith so as to better defend against the attacks of the enemy and to support others as well.

Iron Man's Last Day

July 24, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Perhaps one of the more peculiar aspects of the Christian faith is that while Christ is indeed our Lord, He still gives us choice. When comparing the grace, patience, and mercy of our Lord to that of an earthly ruler, there's simply no comparison. In today's message, Pastor Bill reflects on the free will aspect of our faith and the responsibility that we have as believers in Christ. In his study, you'll learn the importance of being diligent in your pursuit of Christ and your willingness to serve Him faithfully.

Man on Fire - Part 2

July 23, 2019 • Bill Gehm

As believers and followers of Christ, we're no longer citizens of this world, but citizens and ambassadors for The Kingdom of God. While some might take this as a license to disobey the laws of our nation, we're still called to be subject to the authorities and rulers. In today's message, Pastor Bill will teach you about our role in society as believers and the rule of law. In his study, you'll learn that while we're indeed obligated to follow laws and regulations, that obligation ends when the authority of God is challenged.

Man on Fire

July 22, 2019 • Bill Gehm

Many of us are often met with fear and guilt whenever we read in Revelation that Jesus will “spit out lukewarm believers.” Whether it's due to our own lack of zeal and excitement for The Lord or otherwise, it's no less of a sobering warning. However, as Pastor Bill will teach you in his message today, our zeal for The Lord shouldn't be out of self preservation, but for the concern of others. In his study, you'll learn how God uses our passion and fire for the Gospel to reach out to the lost.

Determined to Preach - Part 2

July 19, 2019 • Bill Gehm

It’s easy to cling to the promises of God that benefit us. Preachers love to look forward to Heaven and talk about what it will be like to live in God’s presence for eternity, but it’s a whole lot easier to just stay silent on the terrible future that awaits those who reject God. As Pastor Bill continues to lead us through our study of Elijah and the fulfillment of prophecy, he reminds us that whether you like it or not, every prophecy contained in Scripture will come true and it’s our job to present that truth to the lost.