The Global Vault Podcast

Dr. L.L. King

May 23, 2019 • Dr. L.L. King

For our final podcast of season #2 we listen to a sermon by Alliance missiologist Dr L. L. King preached in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1987 – Red Hot for Missions

Dr. Ray Downey Part 2

May 9, 2019 • Dr. Ray Downey

Get to know C&MA mission icon, Louis King, who was a past President of The C&MA USA. Dr. King was all about the indigenous church and helped rally national bodies to become autonomous. From King's perspective, the best people to communicate the gospel are the local people themselves.

Josh Golding

April 25, 2019 • Josh Golding

Dr. Ray Downey: Glimpses Into A Congo Life

April 11, 2019 • Dr. Ray Downey

This podcast highlights the life and ministry of Dr. Ray Downey.

Joze Reverente

March 28, 2019 • Joze Reverente

Joze discusses a system of helping younger people discern God’s will through an 8 week cohort meeting in various countries of the globe.

Craig & Mora Bundy

March 14, 2019

The conversation begins with a fascinating story of how Craig, a U.S. citizen on track for service in Vietnam, was sent to Regina for ministerial training. After meeting Mora, the journey continues taking them to work in Argentina and then North Africa.

Dave & Cyndy Ingram

February 28, 2019

It began with short term ministry trips, followed by years of service in West Africa which in some ways prepared each of them for very significant ministries today in Canada.

Miriam Charter

February 14, 2019

Based on 2 Timothy 2:2, Dr Charter developed a unique reproducible discipling model during her years working in Romania.

Ernie & Marilyn Klassen

January 31, 2019

From Manitoba, Ernie first went to Peru with Marilyn where they were engaged in establishing God’s kingdom; then later found themselves in leadership development in Spain.

Ryan from Toronto

May 23, 2018

Ryan Graham stops by from the National C&MA Office to discuss Envision Canada and how they're training up a new generation of missionaries.

Gary & Sharon

December 20, 2018

From Ontario the Howells, now working in their third African country, are seeking to establish an indigenous movement of reproducing churches amongst the Wolof of Senegal.

Jim Sawatsky

May 9, 2018

Jim talks about the power spread of media and its capacity to bring the lost to Christ. During his missionary career in the Democratic Republic of Congo Jim started a recording studio for Christian artists in Kinshasa as well as a network of Christian radio stations in numerous African countries.


December 6, 2018

Dycke was born to Chinese missionary parents in Vietnam, grew up in Montreal and now works with the Chinese diaspora in Europe based in Paris.


January 4, 2018

An unbelievable trove of church stories coming out of a full century in Guinea.

Doug & Carol

November 8, 2018

Listen as Doug and Carol talk about the hurdles that exist in Japan for people to come to Christ.