Episode 16 // Dr. Jessica Johnson

April 25, 2021

In this packed episode, Pastor Matt reflects on the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin, and talks about the difference between accountability and justice. Then we will have a conversation with Dr. Jessica Johnson about Christian nationalism and the recent (and weird) critiques of Vice President Kamala Harris from evangelical pastors.

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Episode 23 // Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker

June 15, 2021

Our guest today is Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker. Dr. Baker is an activist, a teacher, a community organizer, an anti-racist trainer, preacher, and now she brings all of that to bear in her new role as a professor at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis.

Episode 22 // Colby Martin

June 8, 2021

Our guest this week is Colby Martin. He is an author, a podcaster, and a co-pastor of Sojourn Grace Collective. He has a story and a journey that a lot of us can resonate with. He experienced the rejection of mainstream Christianity but he found a new home in a more progressive form of Christianity. https://www.colbymartinonline.com/ https://sojourngrace.com/

Announcement // A Small Change

June 6, 2021

Today we announce a new time for The F Word: Conversations on Faith. If you've been listening, you're used to hearing us sometime in the afternoon on Sunday. Now look for us first thing in the morning each Tuesday for your commute! We can't wait to ride along with you.