Pilot Episode: Sneak Peek

November 15, 2021 • Kelley Weber

Dear God - We are waiting today for something. For something to happen. To move us. To change our minds and hearts and bodies. We are waiting for something to help us make sense. We are not good at waiting. Instead we fill space with more. More work, more helping, more accolades, more wallowing, more knowledge, more planning, more control. But the more only makes us less. Teach us to wait with patience and fortitude. Teach us to make friends with discomfort. Teach us that our time is not your time and waiting may be a lifetime. Give us Rest from the waiting as We lay our longings out before you. (Silence) We know you hear our prayers.. For you are here. Emmanuel, God with us. Our restless hearts, unburdened and unbound wait only on you. We consent to your presence and action within. We are still and listen. (silence) Amen. Go and be free. Allow yourself to be moved by the songbird and the willow tree. Go and be free. Be changed by the face of Jesus in the old woman down the street. Go and be free. Laugh at nonsense, luxuriate in mystery, loosen your grip and be free.

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Episode 8: Value of Others

January 24, 2022 • Kelley Weber

God of Abraham, Who sustains us through relationship over rightness, Through covenant over correctness. We ask that you speak in and through your church. Teach us to love what you love. Make us mediators of your light to the world. Not the easy light of Sunday school songs, But the radical light of redress and recompense. May the dungeon’s doors be cast wide open and those seasoned fears, those generational wounds Be tended to with our very lives. Teach us to be a community of forgiveness, that draws Endlessly from your love until we learn That we are all, in fact, the other - all of us grasping For love in wrong places. Teach us to reach for one another because the value of the other Is that it is in the other, that we find You. Amen

Episode 7: Forgiveness

January 17, 2022 • Kelley Weber

Dear Lord, we ask that you make us aware of anything we are holding on to that is keeping us stuck regarding this person. It may be small or large, it may be hidden or it may be obvious. Gently, bring to mind what we need to let go of, what we need to forgive.

Episode 6: Disagreements

January 10, 2022 • Kelley Weber