Redemptive Edge

Paul's Letter to Philemon


Paul's Letter to Philemon | Week 3 • November 24, 2019 • Kyle McMahon

Power is ubiquitous; and how we make sense of this reality marks us out in our world. This week we continue in our journey with Philemon to see how the way of Jesus, power, and new life make any sort of difference in our discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth.

Pray into Expectancy

Paul's Letter to Philemon | Week 2 • November 17, 2019 • Kyle McMahon

Philip Yancey in his book entitled, "Prayer" makes this simple observation: "We pray because we want to thank someone or something for the beauties and glories of life, and also because we feel small and helpless and sometimes afraid. We pray for forgiveness, for strength, for contact with the One who is, for assurance that we are not alone." It is no small thing to pray; and yet, often we feel a real gap between our head, our heart, and the God who holds it all together. We turn to Paul in his letter to Philemon to ask, "how might we pray with expectancy?"

The Disruptive Power of Faithful Presence

Paul's Letter to Philemon | Week 1 • November 10, 2019 • Kyle McMahon

Wherever we find ourselves today - follower of Jesus or not - we can all admit that our’s is a culture caught in an odd tension of outrage and passivity. It’s in the air we breathe. There ought to be a way forward, right? We stubbornly say yes there is; and more than a way, a person, our Jesus. May God through his word and the power of his Spirit draw you near and catch you up into this new way.