Prepare The Way

Advent 2016

Peace on Earth

Christmas Eve 2016 • December 24, 2016 • Paul Stewart

Mary treasured the first Christmas and took time to ponder it all in her heart. The shepherds went home praising and glorifying the Lord. When we experience the peace of Christmas our lives will never be the same.

God With Us

Week Four • December 18, 2016 • Paul Stewart

The most powerful, memorable gift you can give to someone else is yourself. And nobody modeled this more than Jesus.

The One Who Is, And Is to Come

Week Three • December 11, 2016 • Paul Stewart

The kingdom of God advances in surprising places and unexpected ways. We need the Holy Spirit to give us new eyes to see Christ in 10,000 places.

Prepare The Way

Week Two • December 4, 2016 • Paul Stewaret

The kingdom of God dramatically changes the path of our lives. Rather than a struggle for money, sex and power life is now about generosity, service and love.

Get Your House In Order

Week One • November 27, 2016 • Paul Stewart

When someone is terminally ill, they are typically told to get their affairs in order. If we believe the kingdom of God is at hand, how should that impact the way we spend our time, talents, and treasure?