Outreach Ministry

Reach is the outreach and missions ministry at The Experience Church. Reach exists to instill a culture of love without expectation, radical generosity and sacrificial serving. One opportunity this team has to accomplish this, is through our partnerships with local organizations. Here we give our time to others through serving our community as one body through TE Church! Throughout the year we will have scheduled dates where small or large groups from our team will work together to complete a project. You are welcome to participate as often as you'd like and to select the projects that best fit your availability. To get started, click the link above and let's change the world! If you have additional questions, stop by the What’s Next Center this weekend.

“What Next? - It’s Turning Around” | The New Normal (Wk 3)

June 3, 2020 • Angel Regel and Scott Carnes

No matter how bad it may seem, God can still turn it around for your good! Executive Director Angel Regel and Operations Director Scott Carnes talk about steps you can take to get to your turn around.

The New Normal

It's Turning Around • May 31, 2020 • Pastor Tim Seidler

No matter how bad it may seem, Pastor Tim Seidler explains in this message that God can still turn it around for your good! (Message begins at 23:50)

“Why Me? Or What Now?” | The New Normal (Wk 2)

May 26, 2020 • Pastor Robert Valentin and Nathan Lucey

“Why Me? Or What Now?” What is your first response when you're faced with an unforeseen and unpredictable situation? Pastor Robert and Nathan talk about the message from this past weekend. Pastor Linda Seidler shared her personal experience with facing a sudden, unexpected heart condition and how she changed her narrative from Why Me?...to What Now?