Love Is... Not Self-Seeking

Garett King

February 13, 2019

Formally titled: Selfie: Seeking Love

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Wednesday, October 16

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AUDIO BLOG: Helping Those Struggling With Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

Harold Warner • October 15, 2019

An Audio Blog by Ps. Harold Warner narrated by Bob Darling. Tap the BLOG tab below to read while listening. An author who hosts his own radio program with the Christian Thinkers Society said that the #1 question they receive from listeners revolves around suicide and mental health. This was once again brought to the forefront by the suicide of an associate pastor and mental health advocate, Jarrid Wilson. Yes, Christians are not immune to these struggles. It provoked me to continue my conversation that started a year ago on addressing the issue of mental health with a clear, concerned, sound, Biblical perspective. Some of the more common responses and counsel being given today were well-meaning, but they seemed to fall short. It is truly amazing how much the Bible talks about depression, anxiety, mental health, and even suicide. In my mind, it is one of the things that establishes the Bible’s bona fides. It doesn’t Photoshop its characters, or try to minimize their struggles. It also doesn’t just diagnose the problem, but it presents real life and overcoming promises and practices. The timeliness of this was brought home by a text message from someone watching the livestream and who serves in the U.S. Air Force. He said “since suicides have become epidemic this year and are on pace to almost double this year compared to last, every Air Force member had to attend a one hour suicide awareness town house these past few days.” People want answers to what strangely feels like a kind of contagion. A Light in the Darkness: Helping Those Struggling with Depression & Suicidal thoughts was preached with this in mind. Instead of reading another statistic or obituary it focuses on a man who was brought back from the brink of suicide. Feel free to pass this on, and soon the blog post version will also be available.