The Unveiling

Revelation 22

June 14, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

When the end finally comes, it's actually a beginning - the curse is gone, the King is on the throne, and His servants are serving.

Revelation 21:6-27

June 7, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

According to Revelation, heaven is real, but not everyone is going there. What keeps people out?

Revelation 21

May 31, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

Christians have God's promise that no matter how bad things are today, in Heaven He will make ALL things new.

Revelation 19-20

May 17, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

Instead of mourning the city’s collapse, the saints in heaven (and that includes you and me Christian) and the angels will be rejoicing over what has happened, celebrating the destruction and judgment and praising God for it.

Revelation 17-18

May 10, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

As the judgment of God nears its culmination we see the fall of Babylon. Could the fall of that city say anything to us? Yes it could.

Revelation 15-16

April 26, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

As the seven bowls of judgment are poured out on the earth we see yet another worship song in heaven.

Revelation 14:6-20

April 19, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

In Revelation Chapter 14 we see the final mention of the word 'gospel' in the Bible as an angel proclaims the good news to the world, but no one seems to respond.

Revelation 12:1-14:5

April 12, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

We’ve seen some of the judgments that will be poured out on the earth and those who insist on living apart from God. We finally meet the one who, in a sense, is responsible for it all and that’s Satan.

Revelation 8-11

March 29, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

As the seven trumpets of judgment are blown we discover what God's wrath looks like and learn a little bit about what Jesus has suffered for us.

Revelation 6-7

March 22, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

As the Lamb opens the seals of the scroll we see suffering and the martyrs crying out.

Revelation 4-5

March 8, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

What do you think Heaven is like? Have you seen what the Bible has to say?

Revelation 3:14-22

March 1, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

In his last letter to the churches Jesus confronts lukewarm Laodicea - is there anything in your life that cooling off your soul?

Revelation 3:7-13

February 15, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

Jesus is holy, true, and has all authority. The church in Philadelphia has simply responded to who Jesus is and what He has done, and now Jesus promises to take care of them forever.

Revelation 3:1-6

February 8, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

Jesus had nothing good to say about the church in Sardis, they looked good from the outside, but were dying within. Unfortunately, we can be same way.

Revelation 2:18-29

February 1, 2015 • Pastor Jeff

In the letter to the church at Thyatira we find an admonition not just to do well, but to finish well too.