Courageous Obedience

Joshua 24

August 14, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Joshua 24 - As the book closes, Joshua gathers the people together to review what God has done and how they should respond. We discover that God is capable of using anyone, and we have no excuses.

Joshua 23

August 7, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Joshua 23 - As the book of Joshua comes to a close, Joshua warns the people, don't grow complacent. It's a great admonition for modern Christians as well.

Joshua 22

July 17, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

As the Eastern tribes head back across the Jordan, conflict arises over a new altar they've built. What were they thinking???

Joshua 11 - 21

July 10, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Joshua 11 - 21 - Israel takes possession of the entire land and defeats the giants people were once afraid of.

Joshua 10

July 3, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

When the Gibeonites are surrounded, they call for help. As Christians, do we call for help when we're in need knowing that Jesus and the Church will show up to help?

Joshua 9

June 26, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Joshua 9 - Why did God command the destruction of the Canaanites? And how the Gibeonites avoided it.

Joshua 7 - 8

June 19, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Joshua 7 and 8 - Achan took things that belonged to God and there were enormous consequences. Is a little disobedience really that bad? Yes.

Joshua 5 - 6

June 12, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

As the nation of Israel finds itself on the western side of the Jordan River, you would think it's time to move out and take the first city. You would be wrong; God does things differently.

Joshua 3 - 4

June 5, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

The nation of Israel is ready to cross into the Promised Land, but first they have to cross the Jordan River. They do it by following the ark, a reminder of God's presence, and then they build a memorial to remember what God has done.

Joshua 2

May 22, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

Rahab's story is a completely unnecessary and extravagant display of God's grace.

Joshua 1

May 15, 2016 • Pastor Jeff

As the book of Joshua opens, we discover that God uses old people (and lots of other people too) but He requires courageous obedience to move ahead