April 2018 Sermons

Church on the Queensway

Sunday April 29, 2018

What do you tolerate? • April 29, 2018 • Pastor Billy Richards

"In a letter to the Church of Thyatira, John writes about the Churches deed, love and faith. He comments on their service and their growth in discipleship. But then he focuses on their tolerance for a woman named Jezebel. This week Pastor Billy looks at this letter to the Church and what it means for us, the Church today. Are there ways that we are tolerating modern day Jezebels? Are we aware of the dangers that lie there in? The key is to remember that Jesus searches our hearts and minds. So, we too need to look inward and reflect on this powerful word. We need to Examine, Eliminate, Enter and Enjoy. Learn more and be encouraged with this weeks message."

Sunday April 22, 2018

Mixed Up • April 22, 2018 • Pastor Billy Richards

"In His message to the believers in Pergamum, Jesus acknowledges the faithfulness of the church during a time of persecution. Although they remained faithful, the church had began to embrace various unbiblical attitudes and practices of the surrounding culture. These included sexual immorality, idolatry, and perversion that had found its way into the church. The same dangers remain for us today. Like the church in Pergamum, we must resist the temptation to adopt the accepted but unbiblical practices of our culture and the wider society. Jesus calls this idolatry – a result of mixing Christian truth with unbiblical beliefs. Idolatry is anything, anyone, or any thought that stands between us and God. In this sermon, Pastor Billy provides practical and biblical steps to help us identify areas of idolatry in our lives, starting with biblical and genuine repentance."

Sunday April 15, 2018

Jesus Knows • April 15, 2018 • Pastor Billy Richards

"Pastor Billy continues with Jesus' words to the seven churches in Asia. Popular theology is quick to suggest the false belief that Christian life is without hardship, difficulty – even sickness, or poverty. In spite of the many challenges faced by the church in Smyrna, Jesus reminds them that He knows – and urges them to remain faithful. There are times when we might not receive the things we ask for. Life can be so hard and God might not reveal the purpose of our suffering. In this sermon, Pastor Billy echoes the words of Jesus by urging us to stay faithful. Whether it is afflictions, poverty, slander, or even demonic attacks – we are called to remain faithful. How can we remain faithful and receive the crown of life that Jesus has promised? Listen, and be blessed!"

Sunday April 8, 2018

First Love • April 8, 2018 • Pastor Billy Richards

"In a letter to the Christians in Ephesus, Jesus commends the church for its great deeds They worked hard, endured hardships, and persevered incredible persecutions. Yet they failed to do the one thing that mattered most: Loving God. In this sermon, Pastor Billy looks at how easy it is to do things for God without realizing that we've lost our first love for Him. How do we ensure that our relationship with God is grounded in our love for Him – and not the things we do for Him? Learn more about practical ways to guard your relationship with God and maintain your love and zeal for Jesus. Be blessed."

Sunday April 1, 2018

Don't be a fool • April 1, 2018 • Pastor Billy Richards