Summer Love

A Fresh Approach to Life

Summer Love 3: The Art of Dad

Pour life and love to those around you • June 17, 2017 • Pastor Doyle A. Jackson

This Father's Day, let's celebrate dads and how they bring us together. I am hungry for the experience of getting together with family. We are designed to hunger for the love of a father. Let's enjoy that love and remember our great experience of the past while we build for the future. Let's look at the tools that can strengthen our families.

Summer Time 2: Time for Love

The best times of our lives are when we are free to be ourselves with those who love us most. • June 10, 2017 • Pastor Doyle A. Jackson

We all know it takes time to make something really good. If you want a great meal, it takes some time. In a fast food immediate culture, is it possible to develop real intimacy? Can we have intimacy with God? Of course we can. We just have to pay the price and it is an important commodity in our fast paced world. At the same time (pun intended), we can learn how to get closer to God without the several time wasters. Learn with us.

Summer Love: First Love

Summer is a great time to be in love with the love of your life. • June 3, 2017 • Pastor Doyle A. Jackson

We all want to be loved. It makes us feel great to know that we are valued, accepted, cared for and admired. When we step into God's love it gives us life, peace and joy. The ultimate joy is when that love flows through us to others. This series is intended to help us breath in love and be refreshed this summer.