When Life falls apart

What should I do when God delays

August 18, 2019 • Dr. Danny Lovett

Most of us have been in a place like David was at some time in our life. Perhaps there is a long-standing health problem or financial situation that appears to have no solution. Maybe there is a personal relationship that places a constant source of strain on your life, or difficult work-related situation. Or maybe you have a wayward child for whom you have been praying for years. Whatever the cause, many Christians find themselves living in David's shoes, asking, “How Long O Lord?” You look for some sign of God’s approaching deliverance; but day after day, you feel you are battling your enemy alone. This Sunday we will be looking at Psalm 13.

The Place to look for help when in trouble

August 11, 2019 • Dr. Danny Lovett

If you have not already discovered it, you will find that the path of your life is rarely straight, smooth, and level. Instead, it tends to be bumpy with tall hills and deep valleys. We live in the twilight zone of up or down, in or out, faith or doubt, fear or courage, strong or weak, bursting or broke, happy or sad, healthy or sick, smart or not so smart, generous or selfish. We flow up and down in all these areas each day. How do we get some sense of stability in our life? How do we get to the point where we are not overwhelmed by the obstacles we face each day? How does a person look higher than the hills? Psalm 121 gives us some answers.

When Life's Dark times come

August 4, 2019 • Dr. Danny Lovett

It has been well said, ”Never doubt in darkness what God has revealed in the light.” When Christians go through difficult times in life, they often forget who they are and who God is. The secret to surviving dark days is focusing on the light of God’s truth. This Sunday we will be looking at Psalm 71 about life’s dark times and how to respond to them.

Our Disruptive moments in life

July 28, 2019 • Dr. Danny Lovett

This Sunday we will be looking at how life’s troubles can make us stronger. Most people go through life trying to avoid pain. We use money, medicine, and any other method to protect ourselves. Scripture teaches the opposite. While we aren’t to seek trouble or trials, when they find us, we should look for the hidden lessons and blessings.