Laws of Life

Week 1

May 2, 2021 • Dr. Danny Lovett

Proverbs is one of the most practical books in the entire Bible. It addresses every relevant issue in life. If we fail to arm ourselves with the wisdom of this vital book, we do ourselves and our families a great disservice. When we meditate on and apply these vital, valuable truths, we shape our thinking, our behavior, and our lives. This Sunday, we'll jump into this new series in the wisdom book of Proverbs.

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Home Builder's

Special Mother's Day - Full Service • May 9, 2021 • Dr. Susan Lovett

Home Building is the topic for this Sunday's message.  We have several very interesting guests that will be sharing what it means to build a godly home - you don't want to miss the dramatic visuals as Barb the Builder, Betty the Baker, Beth the Balancer, and Bess the Beautifier join us for Sunday worship.   "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it" (Psalm 127:1).

Cross of Christ

Week 4 • April 25, 2021 • Dr. Danny Lovett

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most important truth of Christianity.    The message this Sunday concerns The Cross of Christ from John 20:19-23. Easter is not a time when we remember a beaten humiliated Christ who hung upon a cross; rather, it is a day when we worship a risen Lord who displayed the baffle scars of His triumph over death. When our Lord suddenly appeared to His disciples in that upper room, on that evening of His resurrection, the first thing He did was to show them His hands and feet and side, after which He commissioned them for service. This Sunday we will look at what the scars meant to the disciples.

Desolation to Jubilation

Week 3 • April 18, 2021 • Dr. Danny Lovett

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most important truth of Christianity.  Come join us as we continue this sermon series about the power of the resurrection!  This Sunday we’ll be in John 20:11-18 to see how the resurrection impacted Mary Magdalene.  She went from desolation to jubilation.  If ever someone loved the Lord Jesus, that would be the testimony of Mary Magdalene. Christ transformed her life. Before she met Christ, she was possessed of seven demons who manifested themselves in all manner of wickedness.  The Lord exorcised them and set her gloriously free.   You don’t want to miss this dynamic story!