Know Your Sword

Knowing your sword (the word of God) is one thing we shouldn’t wing. This is THE ONE THING you shouldn’t wing. We should endeavor to read it, know it, and do it.

Helmet of Salvation

Helmets are very needed in high impact environments like an athletic field. A blow to the head is very serious and could result in serious harm or even death. This is the picture Paul is wanting to paint for us.

Shield of Faith

Belt of Truth

Equipment is key in any battle. Whether that battle is in sports or the battle in life. To win we must have the proper equipment - and know how to use it. We may not realize it but we are in a battle everyday. There is any enemy who desires to steal, kill, and destroy all things pertaining to God in your life.

Gospel Shoes

March 7, 2021

The shoes make the outfit right?!?!?!?! Let's find out how it makes our armor.