Follow Me

September 10, 2017 • Pastor Bill West

Jesus’ call to the first disciples was to simply follow Him. They did. Following Him meant that they got to see firsthand who he was and the things that He did. They listened to what he taught and it radically changed their lives. They went out and did the same thing. We are all here today because they simply followed and watched and He changed their lives. We are to simply follow and watch Him change our lives and others as well.

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What You Get in Return

October 22, 2017 • Pastor Darin Elquist

Following Jesus comes at a cost. He requires that we give him our all. There are things that we will give and give up in order to follow Him. We may choose to walk away like the rich young ruler did thinking the price is too high. Or we may be like the disciples who left it all to follow Him. Jesus makes the promise that God will give back even more to us than we give to Him. Life comes to us when we give it away.

He Asks for All of You

October 15, 2017 • Pastor Bill West

This man was obviously interested in spiritual things and had worked hard to be right with God. Yet, there was still something within that told him there must be more. He wanted to know how he could know that he had eternal life. The answer he received was not the one he, nor the disciples, anticipated. Jesus answers by saying that he must surrender his life. It’s not about what actions he needed to take but about where his affections were placed. Jesus made it clear that it was hard, but not impossible, to enter the kingdom.

Now, Not Later

October 8, 2017 • Pastor Bill West

There are lots of excuses that people can give for not following Jesus. We all deal with life and we’ll get around to it when it’s more convenient or more comfortable. When Jesus calls a person to follow Him, He is telling that person that he is to be the priority in life. A disciple is someone who is willing to surrenders all of his/her life to follow the teacher, now-not later. Jesus calls us to follow Him and to make God’s kingdom the priority and the focus of our lives.