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I Believe in God, But I Don’t Always Live Like It

I Believe in God but I Don’t Believe I Can Change

July 30, 2017 • Pastor Darin Elquist

There are too many people who claim to know Jesus and yet their lives are no different from those who are not Christ-follower. Change is hard but it’s also possible because of the work of Christ in our lives. Real change requires that we co-operate with God in the process-which means I do all that I can to change as I trust him to give me both the desire and the power for it.

I Believe in God but I Still Worry a Lot

July 23, 2017 • Pastor Darin Elquist

We live in a world filled with worry, fear and anxiety. We worry about our future-where will we live, what will our lives be like-what will our jobs be like-what will our families be like-will we have enough money. What if we fail, what if we get fired, what if my kids rebel, what if, what if… The “what ifs” of life can become our focus and rob us of experiencing life today. Worry consumes us. We explore the effect of worry in our lives, reasons why worry is not effective and talk about the antidote to worry. Jesus made it clear that we're to focus on living today and trust God with our lives today and tomorrow. God has promised that he will take care of us and meet our needs.

I Believe in God but I Won’t Forgive

July 16, 2017 • Pastor Jose Skinner

Some people have a hard time forgiving others because they have been deeply hurt. We all experience pain and hurt-more often than one would ever think and many end up bitter, hurt and angry as a result. We often end up keeping score with each other-bringing more hurt into our lives and theirs. Forgiveness is not about emotions but about a choice to do for others what God has done for us. A choice that will help to set us and them free. Jesus taught us to pray “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us.”

I Believe in God but I’m Ashamed of My Past

July 9, 2017 • Pastor Tim Hosfeldt

Many people, even Christ-followers, live lives filled with shame over the things they have done and the things they cannot stop doing. People say things like: I just can’t help myself. This is who I am, I’ve always been like this and I will never change., I’ve given up on trying to change, I’m just worthless. Our shame drives us into hiding and we live secret lives consumed by guilt and despair. We feel lost, alone and hopeless. It’s hard to believe that God can forgive us-we don’t deserve. But there is hope-the good news is that God grants not only forgiveness but a new beginning for all of us. There is no situation or person that is hopeless. God delights in changing lives and restoring people.

I Believe in God but I Don’t Pray

July 2, 2017 • Pastor Jose Skinner

It’s easy to say that you believe in prayer and that prayer works but it's much more difficult to pray. Let’s be honest, prayer is hard to do. It’s easy to get bored or to be too busy or to believe it’s just a waste of time. Or maybe you’ve just been around people who use all of the religious jargon and that just turns you off. Or, we just believe our prayers will not make a difference. Prayer becomes more exciting when you realize that you get to have an honest and real conversation with the God of the universe. Prayer becomes more real when you become desperate for God to move in your life. Prayer isn’t about getting what you want it’s about getting connected to God. Prayer may not be what you think it is and maybe that’s why you aren’t praying.

I Believe in God but I Don’t Really Know Him

June 25, 2017 • Pastor Bill West

89% of Americans say that they believe in God or in a god. But that belief has very little, if any, impact of their lives on a daily basis. A lot of people think believing in God is what really matters. They think that’s enough. The Scriptures teach that a true belief in God will lead to knowing God personally and intimately and will change the way that we live and love. We'll explore the difference between believing and knowing. God wants us to know Him personally and not just know about Him generally.