Serving Sunday

Reno & Sparks Campuses

October 28, 2018

On Sunday, October 28th, The Bridge did church a little bit different... by sending our church into the community to serve and Love Reno & Sparks. We sent out over 130 volunteers to serve others at 12 locations in our community.

The Thieves on the Cross

Reno Campus • April 14, 2019 • Pastor Danny Fierro

Salvation is not found in what we do but is found in the person of Christ and the work he has done for us. One criminal demanded salvation for himself. The other acknowledged that he deserved the punishment he was getting, yet in humility, he asked for Jesus to remember him. Jesus words of certainty to him are also extended to us.


Reno Campus • April 7, 2019 • Pastor Bill West

It’s easy to dismiss Judas as a villain or a victim, but in many ways, he was just like me and you. Judas was a follower of Jesus and a preacher of the gospel, but there was a doublemindedness about him. He spent much time face to face with Jesus and had a front row seat to amazing miracles and incredible teaching. But in the end, he abandoned the faith he once professed. It's easy to be very close to Jesus and still miss out on who He really is. That’s what happened to Judas and it’s what can happen to us as well.

Mary & Simon

Reno Campus • March 31, 2019 • Pastor Tim Hosfeldt

It was a very tense time in Jesus’ life and a risky time for anyone to closely associate with Him. His arrest would take place in just a couple of days. A woman finds Jesus and not only comes to him uninvited but also does what no one would expect. When Jesus changes our lives, we will not be able to contain ourselves as well.