Serving Sunday

Reno & Sparks Campuses

October 28, 2018

On Sunday, October 28th, The Bridge did church a little bit different... by sending our church into the community to serve and Love Reno & Sparks. We sent out over 130 volunteers to serve others at 12 locations in our community.

I Quit Gossip

Reno Campus • November 11, 2018 • Pastor Bill West

We all seem to love gossip. In a social media driven world it only takes one negative statement about someone to ruin their lives. It becomes so easy for rumors to fly and get passed on without any thought given to whether it is true. We think that it’s not gossip, if it’s true, but gossip is sharing information with someone who is not a part of the problem or solution. Who does gossip really hurt and how can we stop it?

I Quit Making Excuses

Reno Campus • November 4, 2018 • Pastor Danny Fierro

It’s always easy for us to make excuses about doing what God asks. I’m too busy, there's something else more pressing for me. Jesus says to go to those who are the most overlooked. God is calling out to everyone-especially those who are less likely to be seen as valuable and significant. God’s call for salvation goes out to all humanity and it is often those that we overlook who are more likely to respond. We must respond to his call and we must see that all people are in need of salvation.

Radical Generosity

Reno Campus • October 21, 2018 • Pastor Bill West

God is the one who provides us everything for our enjoyment. We are to use what He has given to us to help make life better for others. We are to be generous and share what He has entrusted to us. In a world where our self-worth is often determined by our net worth, becoming generous people and a generous church will help to remind us what life is really all about and demonstrate God’s heart to a needy world.