All Things New

The New Begins

February 25, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

VISION for 2018: To see God do great things in and through us. VALUES for 2018: WE DREAM, GIVE, BUILD, HONOR, LEAD, REACH

Answer the Call

February 18, 2018 • Rob Theodore

What is your destiny? What are you here to do in life? What has God called you to be? These are questions we often ask ourselves and the reality is, we all have been giving different talents and skills and God has called us all to be on duty specifically to make a difference in this world. But the question is will you answer the call? This week Pastor Rob will discuss the importance of answering the call in our lives that require immediate attention when it's God who's the one making the call. Will you answer Him today!

New Opportunities

February 11, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

New Greatness

February 4, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

Stronger Together

January 28, 2018 • Rob Theodore

Are we better together or apart? We live in a society that can be so stuck on individual accomplishments and accolades that the idea of coming together has gotten lost in the hearts of many people in this world even within the church. But what if we as the church truly came together in community as we should imagine how much stronger we'd be as a body and how much more we'd accomplish for God's glory. This week Pastor Rob will discuss the benefits and importance of us coming together in community in order for us to grow stronger together as a church for Gods glory in 2018 and beyond.

New Strength

January 21, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

New Wineskin

January 14, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

Jesus used an illustration of a new wine requiring new wineskin. The new wine can represent anything new that God wants to do in our lives. The wineskin can represent the thing that is needed to ensure the new thing is accomplished. We are often frustrated because pour new wine into old wineskins that we fail to let go of.

Something New

January 7, 2018 • Jumaine Jones