Fear of Letting Go

November 11, 2018 • Jumaine Jones • Numbers 14:1-5; 20:1-5, Exodus 14:11

As much as we desire the best in our future, we are often more bound to the past than we realize. Though the future beacons us to come, we are often too bound to the past or comfortable in the present. In Exodus 14:11, shortly after leaving Egypt, the Israelites wanted to go back. Unfortunately, almost forty years later in Numbers 20:5, the Israelites still wanted to go back to Egypt. Whenever we have to choose between the past, present, and future, we must have the courage to choose the future.

Fear of Closure

November 18, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

Under the leadership of Joshua, Israel finally conquered and seized the land God promised for them. Joshua even began dividing the land between the twelve tribes of Israel. However, there was one detail that needed to be addressed. Caleb needed to receive his portion of the land for him and his descendants. Even though the other Israelites were finished, Caleb was not and did not hesitate to speak up. One of the greatest fears we face is the idea of it being the end. Others decide to quite and we wonder if we should also quit. We write ourselves off. We listen to people who tell us it’s too late to accomplish something. We compare ourselves to others and come to the conclusion that we are too old and our season is up. Instead of giving in to the fear of it being “the end,” we must press through knowing that our assignment is not finished.

Fear of Regret

November 4, 2018 • Jumaine Jones

Once Israel realized they missed the opportunity to seize the Promised Land, they quickly had a change of mind. They insisted on going up and seizing it. However, God had already sentenced them to forty years of wandering. Most importantly, God declared that He was not with them. They decided to go up any way and only to be devastated. One of the greatest challenges in life is living with regret. We make decisions that we later regret and live in this weird space of fear. We are afraid of missing out again. We are afraid of repeating the same mistake. We are afraid of losing, so we become possessive of what we have. There is another option to regret and that is to maximize our current season and trust God for what is ahead.

Fear of Failure

October 28, 2018 • Shala Graham

A common fear that strikes humans is the fear of failure. This fear can either cripple us or it can propel us into action. If you desire to chase God’s calling on your life, this fear is something you have to overcome in order for your to reflect the fullness of God’s glory.