Judah & Tamar

Genesis 37, 38 | 12/3/17

Junior Ziegler

Matthew decided to include both Judah and Tamar in his written genealogy of Jesus. Junior explains that Matthew included Tamar because he wanted to emphasize that Jesus came into our mess to rescue us.


Scott Ziegler

Jesus is the hero of Christmas. He is the one who came to save the world. He humbled himself and became a man. Enjoy our Christmas Eve message and series wrap of Heroes of Christmas.

Boaz & Ruth

Junior Ziegler

Matthew mentions Ruth in the genealogy of Jesus even though it wasn't common for women to be recorded in genealogies. Junior explains that Matthew did this to highlight their story because it demonstrates God's love and the purpose Jesus came for.


Scott Ziegler

Matthew goes out of his way to include Rahab in the Genealogy of Jesus, and intentionally includes her title, "Rahab the Harlot." Scott explains that Matthew did this to show that Jesus came to destroy the labels the world has given us.