Where Do We Go From Here?

A Guide to Better Decisions

6. What's the Loving Thing to Do?

February 21, 2021 • Chris Seidman

The final message in a series that has become an increasingly appropriate series with every week that rolls by in 2021. This week has been a terribly difficult week for so very many, all over the state and in the communities where we live. In the midst of it all, we’ve heard story after story of many who’ve been able to open up their homes and share their resources with strangers and neighborhood acquaintances. This message shines a light on how there are always opportunities for the love of Christ to be shown.

5. Wise Up

February 14, 2021 • Chris Seidman

This weekend we’ll explore the one question that’s not always at the top of our minds when faced with a decision. It’s a question that represents counsel that Scripture gives us repeatedly from the Old Testament through the New Testament. Decision-making isn’t simply about determining whether something is right or wrong. Nor is it about having enough information. And no, the question isn’t “What will glorify God?” (Good guess, though!) Asking this question will, though, often bear fruit that will give you an opportunity to point to God, no doubt! So what’s the question?

4. The White Flag and Red Flags

February 7, 2021 • Chris Seidman

Think of your conscience as like an organ in your body that has a sense of right and wrong... like a red flag that waves back and forth telling us we’ve done something wrong, or are about to do something wrong, or that something is wrong in the situation we’re in. It’s a reflection of us being made in the image of a holy and just God.

3. When You Don’t See It Coming

January 31, 2021 • Chris Seidman

Some decisions you see coming from miles away. Other decisions, not so much. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of something that you didn’t see coming, but now you’re faced with having to make some decisions? We’ll explore this challenge this weekend and draw from the story of a person in Scripture who faced one situation after another – and he didn’t see them coming! The decisions he made in the midst of those situations became part of a story worth telling for generations.

2. Decision-Making and The Heart

January 24, 2021 • Chris Seidman

When decisions are being made, we often hear the phrase: “What’s your heart telling you? Follow your heart.” What is a biblical perspective of this? It may not be what you were expecting!

1. Decisions

January 17, 2021 • Chris Seidman

Where you are today has something to do with the decisions you made yesterday. And where you will be tomorrow has something to do with decisions made today. This weekend, Chris kicks off a new series through some passages of Scripture that will serve as a guide to helping us make better decisions. This week we focus on Galatians 6:7-8. As a helpful and practical partner resource for this series, we recommend the book, “Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets” by Andy Stanley.