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February 18, 2020 • Laura Ankrom

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Revelation: The Battle for Eternity - Part 2

December 3, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

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November 26, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Revelation: The Reign and Rule of Eternity - Part 2

November 19, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

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November 12, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Revelation: The Challenge of Eternity - Part 2

November 5, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Being aware of our own weaknesses helps keep us alert. What tends to sway you toward disobedience? Culture, False Doctrine, lack of self-discipline, self-sufficiency, pride, lack of care for others, other things? Search scripture to find a verse that addresses this and write it out on an index card to keep handy. Revelation 3:19 says, “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.” It is key to understand that Jesus' rebuke and discipline of the churches were rooted in love for them. And when the Holy Spirit rebukes and disciplines you believer, it is rooted in love as well. The churches were warned: Do not tolerate false doctrine Return to your first love Do not tolerate sexual sin in your midst Stay strong and faithful‚ even in trials and suffering Do not become lukewarm Are any of the warnings relevant in your life right now? Which ones? And how will you address these issues?

Revelation: The Challenge of Eternity - Part 1

October 29, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Our main points were to Wake Up, Strengthen, and Keep. How do you need to put these principles into practice? What will keep you accountable to do so? How will the decision to wake up, strengthen, and keep change your perspective?

Revelation: The Message of Eternity - Part 2

October 22, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Spiritual apathy cannot be cured by material prosperity. Like the Laodiceans, we need to run after spiritual wealth from Christ by learning His Word, letting that word change us through the power of the Holy Spirit, then remembering our gift of salvation and serving Him faithfully. Among other things, this involves a willingness to commit ourselves and our resources to His work in our own churches, our communities, and beyond these walls. DO YOU MAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR RESOURCES THAT AVAILABLE? The Laodiceans didn’t need the sleek, black wool of their city—-they needed to be clothed with the virgin white garments of forgiveness and righteousness that only Christ could supply. READ Revelation 3:18b. Where can we obtain this clothing? By a personal act of confession, repentance, and submission to the only One who can forgive us and clothe us anew. There is no other way. ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THIS PRICE to get the clothes you need to make you pure? When our ability to honestly evaluate ourselves becomes so impaired that we can’t see the personal effects of spiritual compromise and apathy, we need the sight-restoring balm that’s available through Jesus Christ. READ REVELATION 3:18. There was a medical school in the heart of Laodicea that sold special salves to cure many of the Laodicean eye problems. They understood the analogy of “buying salve”. No modern medicine is useful in curing cases of personal deception. WILL YOU BE BRAVE AND ASK THE LORD TO RESTORE YOUR PERSPECTIVE SO YOU CAN VIEW YOURSELF AS HE DOES? Our decisions must be accompanied by appropriate actions in order to bring about genuine change. Are you making Godly decisions in your marriage-your parenting, in your friend relationships, in your single life, in your work, in what you post on social media, in your time management? Jesus Christ cares about it all! When we fall short in applying the truth of God’s word, we risk coming under the correcting hand of Christ. ARE YOU PREPARED TO LIVE FOR HIM AND PUT YOUR FEET TO FOLLOWING HIM RATHER THAN MERELY THINKING AND TALKING ABOUT HIM? Spiritual fires cannot be rekindled without the fresh fuel of a changed mind and will. ARE YOU READY TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR LIFE IN CHRIST-TO START ORDERING YOUR PRIVATE AND PUBLIC WORLDS ACCORDING TO THE RICHES OF HIS WORD?

Revelation: The Message of Eternity - Part 1

October 15, 2019 • Laura Ankrom

Christ still stands at the center of His Church. Jesus is in charge of sustaining the life of His Bride. Unfaithful though she may be, weak though she may become, He is at the center. HE IS THERE! He is present! And He wants to be at the center not only of His church but of each believer’s life as well. Are the spokes of your life firmly attached to the strong Hub of Jesus? Only you can answer that question. God still speaks through the authority of His Word. God’s word has not lost its potency. It is still a two-edged sword...the only accurate judge of the heart’s motives. It is still timely…still authoritative…still reliable…still alive. How open are you to surgery by the blade of God’s Word? Are you willing to submit to its sharp edge, or are you rushing around looking for second opinions in a frenzy of denial? Unfortunately, few still fall at the Lord’s feet in praise and humility. In our high-tech world, we’ve lost the art of letter writing. But we’ve lost something else as well. We sing the song of “Sweet Self-Sufficiency” causing us to stand tall with pride when we should be bowing low before the Lord to worship Him. Only when we come to him, face to the floor and sick of self, do we see ourselves in the right light….as women dependent on God. It’s so much easier to unload our burdens when we bend our backs and fall at His feet. Write out a prayer of submission to the Lord and pray that prayer in a posture of humility and submission.