The Journey Marriage Conference

Marriage Event with Steve & Annie Chapman

October 21, 2023
10:00am - 2:00pm

You won't want to miss this fabulous Marriage Event! Steve & Annie Chapman will be our guests for the event $30 per couple -Lunch included. Childcare available at $5 per child or only $10 max per family. Steve and Annie Chapman are esteemed authors, songwriters and performing artists. Steve and Annie have appeared on numerous radio and TV broadcasts including Focus On The Family/Colorado Springs, Billy Graham Crusade, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, The 700 Club. As an Author: Steve's titles include: A Look At Life From a Deer Stand A Look At Life From A Deer Stand-Devotional A Dad’s Guide to Praying For His Kids Another Look at Life From A Deer Stand Stories From The Deer Stand Great Hunting Stories 365 Things Every Hunter Should Know Wasn't It Smart of God Ten Things I Want My Son To Know A Good Husband's Guide To Balancing Hobbies and Marriage Outdoor Insights With Dad On A Deer Hunt Tales Hunters Tell / The Big Book of Hunting Stories With God on the Riverbank My Dream Hunt in Alaska One Minute Prayers for Hunters Tell Me a Huntin’ Story (with Don Hicks) The Hunt for Faith The Big Book of Hunting Stories A Look at Life From the Fairway As Authors: Steve and Annie's titles include: Hot Topics for Couples I Love You and I Like You, Too Gifts Your Kids Can't Break The Hunter's Cookbook 52 Prayers I Pray for My Grandchild Annie's book titles include: Taking Back Your Life One Thought at a Time Letting Go of Anger The Mother-in-Law Dance Ten Ways To Prepare Your Daughter for Life What Every Wife Wants Her Husband To Know Running on Empty and Looking For The Nearest Exit Simplify Your Hectic Life Entertaining Angels What Do You Want?