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Steve Hanson, Director

Team RFC® Europe

RFC Chaplain Pontus J. Back

Pontus J. Back is one of our new Team RFC® Chaplains who lives in Finland. We are thankful to see the ministry reaching the WORLD of motorsports in Europe.

The Team RFC® Adventure

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Team RFC Support

Our financial support comes primarily from individuals, although there are many businesses that contribute as well. It is our belief that the Christian's first responsibility is to support the local church body where they fellowship. Yet, as God has blessed them with resources and placed it on their hearts to support the ongoing work for Christ in motorsports through Team RFC, gifts to this ministry are an act of obedience and thanksgiving for what God has done for each of us.

Team RFC Family of Ministries

Family of Ministries

The Mission of Team RFC

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Meeting The Faith Needs

Dave McClelland

For individuals who, due to their hobby or profession, are rarely able to attend a traditional weekend service, Team RFC can become their church fellowship with every essential service that a local church provides in areas of ministry and pastoral care. Our pre-chapel services are expanding with enormous success. In some cases, the attendance approaches 500.