Get Ready

Join us as Pastor Chad encourages us to believe God. Even the smallest things we have, can do massive things if it flows from God and through us.

Corporate Encounter

This message teaches us to embrace God and one another with a corporate mindset. This is how we experience more of Jesus.

Well Able

In this message Well Able, Pastor David challenges us to see the promises of God from His perspective. Using the story of Caleb and the spies, we are challenged to believe God, even if our circumstances do not look like what God has promised.

Moving On

Pastor David teaches us how to plow in the field of anonymity. Using the story of Saul, he shows us how Saul was already anointed to be king, yet he still worked for his father plowing with his oxen. This message will cause our hearts to cry where is my field and where are my oxen?

Living a Prophetic Lifestyle

This teaching on living a prophetic lifestyle by Pastor David equips us not only to prophesy, but to also embrace the heart of God. If you want to walk in the prophetic and manifest the heart of God this message will challenge you.


Using the relationship between Moses and Joshua, Pastor David encourages us to be generational thinkers. Eternal God performs His will in temporal man through generations. We all need our Moses relationships and we all need to be actively training the Joshua's assigned to our lives.


In this message Pastor David teaches us how to remember others in prayer. People are more important than things and devices. In a virtual world, are we engaging in authentic relationship with God and man? Using the relationship between Paul and Timothy, Pastor David challenges us to form quality relationships.

The Calling

Join Pastor David as he teaches us about the calling of God. As Jeremiah the prophet, God has a call for our individual lives. He set us apart, called us, and appoints us to a particular assignment to serve His purposes.

Unless a Seed

In this message Pastor Tinashe teaches us 3 elements of the process of cultivating a climate. I have seed, I am seed, and I will embrace the process to reproduce seeds. Death of the seed is an unavoidable part of a seeds cultivation. We cannot bypass our cross seasons and reproduce as the Lord the has called us to. Listen to this message as Pastor Tinashe teaches us about the process.

God is and We are Not

The presence of trouble does not equal the absence of God. Who God is to us individually in a time of trouble determines a lot. He is our refuge and strength. Join Pastor David as he teaches us about Who God is and Who we are not.

Jesus, the Pool, and the Pentagon

This is a message to challenge us to pick up our bed, be healed, and move with the One Who heals. If we recognize we are healed we can pursue the lost with Jesus.

Doing Whatever It Takes

In this message Pastor David shares with us how we must often see the Lord manifesting in the small things before He moves in multitudes.

Jesus and Taxes

Pastor David teaches us to honor God, by being obedient to reach multitudes and minister to individuals. Many of the multitudes are hidden in unsuspecting one on one encounters with people in our everyday lives. Sometimes Jesus will ask us to put down our nets and pick up a hook. Using the tax season as an example we are challenged to honor God in every area of our lives.

The Power of The Third Day

In this message Pastor David encourages us to endure Day 1 and Day 2 of the order of God. So that we can make it to the appointed time of manifestation of the promises of God on day 3.

The Samaritan Woman At The Well

Pastor David shares with us the story of the woman at the well. She was in her mundane routine of getting water from the well and she had an encounter with Jesus. Little did she know even though she lived a life of broken relationships, she had multitudes of souls inside of her. Many times we are just like Jesus, meeting thirsty souls one on one in the middle of our routine. This message challenges us to recognize our God appointments.

Good Samaritan

Pastor David Challenges us to be like the Good Samaritan. The problems we run into on the road of our assignment, may be the very promotions of the Lord hidden in plain view. We must recognize the road of our assignment, the stirring of His compassion, and the action He is calling us to do according to His compassion.

Fight For Our Marriage

This message is a challenge to live with our spouse in an understanding way. If we study the word and each other we can gain keys to love and respect our spouses the way God designed us to. In this sermon we are given little keys that can unlock big doors in our marriages.

Zacchaeus Public Opinion and Restitution

Zacchaeus did not cave into the public opinion of the crowd. In their midst he made the declaration to the Lord he would pay back four times what he had stolen to the poor. Jesus replied to him that salvation had come to his house. Restitution comes to our lives when we focus on Jesus even when it goes against the crowd.

Zacchaeus and the Muttering

This message is a call to be like Zacchaeus. He chose to run ahead of the crowd and get in a place to see Jesus. He came down out of the tee at the request of Jesus to host Him at his home. Simon the Pharisee hosted Jesus to see what He could get out of Him. The woman with an alabastar jar approached Jesus in the midst of the muttering guest and poured her oil on Him. As Simon and his guests were muttering..

Zacchaeus and the Name

Jesus did not call Zacchaues by his ailments or disabilities. Jesus called His servants by name. We must not only climb out on a limb to see Jesus. We must also come down and host Him for a visit to become a habitation.

Flying Ax Heads

In this message Pastor David shares with us how to stay sharp like an ax head in our gifting. At the same time we stay connected to our humanity represented by the ax handle. In order to clear the way in the over grown terrain in the land of our vision, these two elements must work together.