The Road

Intentional Parenting

Week 5 • October 23, 2016 • Chad Moore

"The entire Bible is about relationships; relationship with God and relationship with others." Chad wrapped up our series, The Road, this weekend, challenging us to be intentional in building relationships with God and with others.

We Are Family

Week 4 • October 16, 2016 • Robert Watson

"We are family. When we all get involved with helping the next generation everyone wins." Robert continued our series, The Road, this weekend, sharing that if we are to impact the next generation, it takes all of us to be involved in the lives of our youth.


Week 3 • October 9, 2016 • Chad Moore

This weekend, Chad continued our current series, The Road, sharing how living out our faith for the next generation is not academic, but relational.

Moving Away from the Kids’ Table

Week 2 • October 2, 2016 • Kara Powell

"In our research, we set out to see how the church can change youth and what we found is that youth change the church." This weekend, Dr. Kara Powell joined us and challenged us to empower the next generation.

All In

Week 1 • September 25, 2016 • Robert Watson

"The legacy of our faith is measured by the faith that remains when we are gone." This weekend, Robert kicked off our series, The Road, sharing the importance of living out our faith for the next generation.