May 1, 2016 • Robert Watson

Satan's time is short, and he can't destroy us - so all he has left is one main weapon: His lies. This weekend, Robert wrapped up our series called DEVIL.


April 24, 2016

"The problem is not that we don't love God enough, it's that we don't understand how much HE loves us." This weekend, Chad talked about how the armor of God can help us fight the devil.


April 17, 2016 • Chad Moore

"If you base your identity on the roller coaster of success and failure, you will never be free. You will always be a slave to your own performance." This weekend, Chad continued our DEVIL series, diving into the lie of self-satisfaction.


April 10, 2016 • Chad Moore

"The more selfish we are, the more miserable we will be." This weekend, Chad continued our series DEVIL by talking about the lie - it's all about me.


April 3, 2016 • Chad Moore

"The BIG lie of Satan is that God can't be trusted." This weekend, Chad kicked off a new series called DEVIL.