Fear Not

Christmas at Sun Valley

Fear Not! God Loves You

Week 4 • December 24, 2017 • Chad Moore

"Sinners aren't the problem, they're the point" - Chad Moore. Watch the full message from our Christmas Eve services online now.

Fear Not: Fear of Where I Stand

Week 3 • December 17, 2017 • Chad Moore

"Christians are not people who have been good, Christians are people who have received the goodness of God" - Chad Moore. You don't want to miss the third week of our Fear Not series, "Fear of Where I Stand," in preparation for our Christmas Eve services. Watch full message online now!

Fear Not: Fear of God's Will

Week 2 • December 10, 2017 • Chad Moore

Do you experience fear of God's will? Check out week 2 of our Fear Not series as Chad unpacks the truth that "God’s 'interruptions' are often times invitations to something better." Watch online now!

Fear Not: Fear of Trusting God

Week 1 • December 3, 2017 • Chad Moore

"God does not punish his children - he disciplines and helps them" - Chad Moore. You don't want to miss week 1 of our new series, Fear Not, and learn how to let go of fear and trust God. Watch online now!