Secretly Awesome: Encouragement

Week 1

July 2, 2017 • Robert Watson

"Your words have the power to breathe life into the relationships around you." - Robert Watson. Intentionally choosing to encourage others with our words is one way we can be secretly awesome. Check out the full message, "Encouragement" now!

Secretly Awesome: The Next Chapter

Week 6 • August 6, 2017 • Chad Moore

Secretly Awesome: Second Chances

Week 5 • July 30, 2017 • Robert Watson

"You might be a product of your past, but you don't have to be a prisoner of it." You don't want to miss week 5 of our Secretly Awesome series, as Robert talks about the importance of Second Chances. Watch the full sermon online now!

Secretly Awesome: People Over Preferences

Week 4 • July 23, 2017 • Chad Moore

"Don't get in the way of what God is doing. Support it and be a part of it, because God loves people more than anything in the world." Check out week 4 of our Secretly Awesome series, as Chad teaches on the importance of People vs. Preferences.