Say What

Conversation 10: Salt and Light

September 1, 2019 • Baly Botten

Salt and Light is the last Sunday conversation in the series on the parables. In this message Pastor Baly said we must remember that “our identity comes before our behavior.” God sees us as valuable and powerful and He also desires that we realize our identity we have in Him. Why? He uses this make a difference in our world. To hear more about this value and the implications for us, listen to conversation ten, Salt and Light.

Conversation 9: The Worst Thing You Can Do With Your Life

August 25, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

The Worst Thing You Can Do With Your Life is conversation nine in the series on the Parables. All of us are given certain responsibilities and the key is not to compare, but use what we are given. Pastor Monty said these responsibilities have a certain amount of weight because of the capacity to be a portal to share the presence of God with others. This parable asks, did we make good use of what we were given? To hear more, listen to conversation nine, The Worst Thing You Can Do With Your Life.

Conversation 8: The Wheat and Tares, Let Them Grow Together

August 18, 2019 • Emily Ridout

In the Parable of the Wheat and Tares, an enemy plants weeds in a farmers field. When the workers ask if they should remove the weeds, the farmer replies by saying, "No, because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest." Pastor Emily invites us to take a look at the weeds growing among the harvest in our lives, examine what purpose they might be serving, carefully determine if they should be extracted and ask then imagine what the harvest might look like for you!

Conversation 7: Love In Action

August 11, 2019 • Pastor Dwight Smith

Conversation 7 Love in Action, is about the implications for us from the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Dwight said there is an “interdependence” that God placed in our hearts and we need Him and we need each other. The key though is our attitudes and biases that may get in the way of what He has intended for us and for others. How do you break from from this? Listen to Sunday conversation seven, Love in Action.

Conversation 6: That's Not Fair!

August 4, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

That's Not Fair! is the Sunday conversation for August fourth. The parables of Jesus were meant to challenge the crowd, and this one is one of the most controversial because it confronts us with our definitions of fairness and generosity that we so easily highjack. The main character of the story is a generous landowner that wants everyone to participate in his harvest and treats them in a way that he wants them to become. To hear more about what this means for us, listen to conversation 6, That's Not Fair!

Conversation 5: Gardening with Ciscoe

July 28, 2019 • Kristin Moomaw

Kristin Moomaw takes a look at the parable of the fig tree.

Conversation 4: Realities Of The Afterlife

July 21, 2019 • Joe Barth

Realities of the Afterlife is about the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. It seems like we all gravitate to stories about the afterlife, and we can see this in a number of TV shows and recent movies. Pastor Joe asked the question, what would the dead man in this story want his family to know after he had passed? This is a convicting question, but one that gets to the heart of the question Jesus was discussing in this story. To hear more about the answers God has provided for us, listen to conversation four, Realities of the Afterlife.

Conversation 3: Hidden Treasure

July 14, 2019 • Dan Litzenberg

Hidden Treasure is the third Sunday conversation about the parables of Jesus. The first two parables discussed in this message prompts the question, is there something when discovered that I would sell everything I own to obtain it? Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like this and it reflects the nature of the Creator who will set things in order as He intended. The key do we understand the value of the hidden treasure that He has in store for us? To hear more, listen to conversation three, Hidden Treasure.

Conversation 2: The Lost Boys

July 7, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

The Sunday conversation of the “Lost Boys” is the parable about the prodigal sons. This parable disrupts the idea of transactional wisdom based on our merit or ability to earn it. Instead it focuses on the “scandalous grace” that reframes our image of God and our understanding of belonging. God desires that we know this life changing belonging that He generously offers, and to hear more, listen to The Lost Boys.

Conversation 1: Super-Size, the Parable of the Mustard Seed

June 23, 2019 • Rev. Marty Benedict

Super-Size is about the parable of the Mustard Seed, which explains how the Kingdom of God starts similarly small yet grows exponentially. Because of this, God uses His kingdom to shelter us in three ways that speaks as loudly today as it did 2000 years ago. To hear more about the shelter God desires for you, listen to Super-Size, the Parable of the Mustard Seed.