All The Feels

Conversation 7: Learning to Love

October 27, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

Learning to Love is the last Sunday Conversation in the All The Feels series. Pastor Monty leads this conversation by challenging us to grow in our emotional maturity by learning to love others well. The telling litmus test is whether we are “descending” in how we express our maturity and it is this counter cultural approach that Jesus says will transform us. To hear more about what this means and how we can practice this type of emotional maturity, listen to conversation 7, Learning to Love.

Conversation 6: White Space

October 20, 2019 • Pastor Kristin Moomaw

Our mindset in culture today is over-commitment. If we are not busy, we feel guilty, yet, this was not what God has planned for us. Rest is a gift with God, which He describes as a Sabbath, but it requires some resistance in order to do it the way He intended for us. Pastor Kristin walks through four elements of this gift of rest with God as a celebration. To hear more about how you can enjoy this celebration of rest as God’s gift for you, listen to conversation six, White Space.

Conversation 5: Losing It

October 13, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

Peter Scazzero said, “Grief and loss are meant to enlarge your soul.” The key with this message is how God will use the holy emptying of grief and grieving to do four important things in our life if we allow Him to do that work within us. To hear more work God desires to do within us, listen to conversation 5, Losing it.

Conversation 4: The Wall

October 6, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

Part of our journey in growing deeper in Christ is experiencing The Wall. The Wall is what results when the size of our suffering exceeds the size of our faith and there is a crisis of disorientation. Have you been there? Maybe you are doing through this now. God desires that we move through this and when we do we experience transformation. To hear more about how you can experience this kind of transformation, listen to conversation four, The Wall.

Conversation 3: It's Not Fair!

September 29, 2019 • Kristin Moomaw

In It’s So Unfair! Pastor Kristin talks about the cascading impact of our sins on the people around us and how other’s sins and actions can negatively impact us as well. The key is breaking out of the destructive cycle of unfairness through God’s grace that He willingly desires to share with us. To hear more about God’s disproportionately greater offering of grace to overcome the consequences of sin in your life, listen to conversation three, It’s So Unfair!

Conversation 2: Starting to Feel

September 22, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

Starting to Feel is the second Sunday conversation in the All That Feels series. In this message, Pastor Monty said we have a choice in our feelings and the power that raised Jesus from the dead is the one the Father desires for us to seek to be our true self. To hear more about what our true self can be, listen to conversation 2, Starting to Feel.

Conversation 1: Diagnostics

September 15, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

All The Feels is a 7-week series that offers breakthrough tools to help you experience God’s revolutionary life for you. In this first Sunday Conversation, Pastor Monty said, “One of the reasons we don’t live the lives we were created to live is because we have separated our emotional lives from our spiritual lives…” He went on to discuss ten signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality and what God desires for us to so we can grow in both areas. To hear more, listen to conversation one, Diagnostics.