Easter 2018

April 1, 2018 • Rev. Monty C. Wright • SVA, Sunday, Sermon, Snoqualmie, Valley, Alliance, Monty, Wright, Freedom, Easter, 2018, Jesus, God, Resurrection

Freedom is the Sunday conversation for Easter morning. Pastor Monty said that the resurrection changes everything for us. In this message, he speaks to the freedom we experience that is a conduit that continues to unleash all of the benefits that God has planned for us. To hear more, listen to the Easter Sunday conversation, Freedom.

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Conversation 3: Hidden Treasure

July 14, 2019 • Dan Litzenberg

Hidden Treasure is the third Sunday conversation about the parables of Jesus. The first two parables discussed in this message prompts the question, is there something when discovered that I would sell everything I own to obtain it? Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like this and it reflects the nature of the Creator who will set things in order as He intended. The key do we understand the value of the hidden treasure that He has in store for us? To hear more, listen to conversation three, Hidden Treasure.

Conversation 2: The Lost Boys

July 7, 2019 • Rev. Monty C. Wright

The Sunday conversation of the “Lost Boys” is the parable about the prodigal sons. This parable disrupts the idea of transactional wisdom based on our merit or ability to earn it. Instead it focuses on the “scandalous grace” that reframes our image of God and our understanding of belonging. God desires that we know this life changing belonging that He generously offers, and to hear more, listen to The Lost Boys.

Love Wins

June 30, 2019 • Dave Eubanks

Love Wins is a message from one of our missionaries, Dave Eubanks. Pastor Monty described Dave as one of our heroes because Dave, his family, and his ministry, The Free Burma Rangers, supply deliverance and proclaim Jesus in war-torn areas, most recently in Mosul. Dave began this Sunday conversation by asking, “How do you respond when someone does something wrong and causes harm?” Dave went on to ask, “How do you keep your heart pure in the midst of the battle?” The battle is bigger than us and can only be overcome by the love that Jesus provides. To hear more about Dave’s ministry and how you too can have the same type of overwhelming love, listen to Love Wins.