2022 Global Missions Conference

KEYNOTE: It Begins and Ends With the One

Tim Burow

KEYNOTE: The One of God

Mark Blackwelder

KEYNOTE: Actions Show the Power of the One's Name

Brandon Price

KEYNOTE: One God to All the Nations

Gary Jackson

KEYNOTE: Encounter With the One

Brian Davis

KEYNOTE: Full of Grace and Truth

Josh Marcum

KEYNOTE: The Beautiful Fruit of Doing the Dirty Work that Jesus Did

Gary Ford

Falling with Style: Lessons Learned from Church Planting

Cory Burns

Presented by Cory Burns, from the Sunset International Bible Institute AIM program.

Keys to a Strong Marriage in Mission Work

Tae Perkins, Zane Perkins

Presented by Tae & Zane Perkins, from Sunset International Bible Institute

Bi-Vocation Ministry

Josh Marcum

Presented by Josh Marcum from Operation Ecuador

Missionary Care

Randy Porter

Presented by Randy Porter from Pioneer Bible Translators

Reaching the Younger Generations

David Fraze

Presented by David Fraze from Lubbock Christian University

Being Missional in Your Life

Gary Jackson

Presented by Gary Jackson from Harding University

Tools for Evangelism Through World Bible School

Tim Yaeger, Phil Palmer

Presented by Tim Yaeger and Phil Palmer from World Bible School

The Numerous Roles of a Woman in Missions

Betty Tracy

Presented by Betty Tracy from the Sunset International Bible Institute