001 – Introduction

OCTOBER 22, 2019 • Bob Turner

This introduction to saltCasts discusses the design of the church to train leaders. Based on “Designed to Lead” by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck, this saltCast explores the Center, Conviction, Culture, Constructs, and Communication needed for the church to prepare leaders.

002 – SALT Resources

NOVEMBER 14, 2019 • Bob Turner

In this saltCast, we talk about what SALT offers as a resource in leadership development. saltCasts, saltTalks, and the saltJournal will assist congregations in developing current leaders and preparing the next generation to lead. We discuss several leadership topics to be addressed by SALT.

003 – Character

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 • Bob Turner

One of the foundational components of leadership is character. This saltCast studies the type of leadership character God desires from Psalm 15. We also describe what is known as the 10-10-10 Principle as a way to help leaders improve their character.

004 – Character pt2

DECEMBER 5, 2019 • Bob Turner

Continuing the discussion about character, in this saltCast we talk about the need for trust. A trustworthy character is critical for leadership. The question we consider is, “Can God trust us?” Can He trust us to be good students of His word, to evangelize the lost, love His church, and lead? God needs leaders who are worthy of His trust.

005 – Conflict: Distance and Damage

DECEMBER 12, 2019 • Bob Turner

Defining Conflict by Distance and Damage: In this introductory discussion about Conflict Resolution, the late Brandi Kendall shares information about his background and the universal perspective related to this subject. He defines the concept of conflict and the relationship of distance and damage. He describes the fight or flight approach and how we tend to respond to conflict, but also the benefit of conflict to the long-term health of leaders and the church.

006 – Cause of Conflict

DECEMBER 19, 2019 • Bob Turner

The Cause of Conflict: In this saltCast, Brandi Kendall addresses the source of conflict from a biblical perspective. Brandi addresses the challenges represented in conflict when we allow self to have control. He talks about roles-based and values-based situations that lead to conflict in the relationship of leaders and congregational involvement. Brandi also provides a perspective of how power and authority factors into conflict within us and in relationship with others.

007 – Zero-Sum Outcome in Conflict

JANUARY 2, 2020 • Bob Turner

Zero-Sum Outcome in Conflict: As we continue to discuss conflict and conflict resolution, Brandi Kendall discusses the difficulties related to reaching a zero-sum outcome, or equality, in resolving conflict. Brandi comes full circle as he talks about distance and damage in relation to a zero-sum theology as we approach conflict. Sharing biblical principles, the discussion highlights how Jesus taught the value of this thought in relationship to conflict resolution.

008 – Conflict Resolution

JANUARY 9, 2020 • Bob Turner

Preparatory Steps to Conflict Resolution: In this final saltCast on Conflict Resolution, once again we talk with the late Brandi Kendall about practical ways for leaders to approach resolving conflict when it happens within the church. Brandi guides us through a biblical discussion designed to create a healthy body of Christ. These steps provide a beautiful approach to conflict resolution.

009 – Counseling in Leadership

JANUARY 16, 2020 • Bob Turner

saltCast visits this week with David Henniger about the role of counseling in leadership. Today, David specifically addresses theories and practices of counseling differentiating the concepts behind biblical/Christian counseling with secular counseling and how this can help leaders. David focuses on strengthening relationships and growing in one’s walk with God.

010 – Counseling in Leadership pt2

JANUARY 30, 2020 • Bob Turner

We continue our discussion today with David Henniger about the role of counseling in leadership. David describes what counseling means and how it complements the role of a leader, especially in building missional teams domestically and internationally. He further discusses the stress and anxiety associated with leading and counseling. David also addresses ethical boundaries and limits in biblical/Christian counseling.

011 – Protective Practices

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 • Bob Turner

Numerous dangers surround leaders when they get involved in counseling others. In today’s saltCast, David Henniger continues to discuss the role of leadership in counseling. He provides a number of practical guidelines to protect leaders in their ministry when counseling.

012 – Biblical Counseling

FEBRUARY 20, 2020 • Bob Turner

When we consider the importance of counseling, consideration should be given to what the Bible says about this vital subject. This week, David Henniger discusses with us several biblical texts that deal with counseling. What do these passages teach and what can we learn from them as they relate to leadership and counseling?

013 – Why Counseling?

FEBRUARY 27, 2020 • Bob Turner

Questions are unending when we explore the subject of counseling. Why should leaders consider counseling for their congregation? What should leaders do to implement a counseling program? David Henniger closes out our series about Leadership and Counseling by guiding us in a discussion to answer these questions.

014 – The Search Ministry

MARCH 5, 2020 • Bob Turner

We are blessed to spend time with Phil Sanders from the Search for the Lord’s Way program this week. Phil discusses his journey into television ministry and his work with the Search program. He also shares with us the growth and development of the program and how listeners can benefit from material on their website. Please listen in today and visit searchtv.org to learn more.

015 – Balanced Leadership Influences

MARCH 12, 2020 • Bob Turner

As we continue to discuss leadership and ministry, Phil Sanders talks with us about major leadership influences in his 50 years of ministry. Phil discusses problems leaders deal with in the church today and he provides valuable information about the influence of culture in the church versus the church’s influence in culture.