Transformed Lives


Nathan Gaytan's Story

Nathan shares with us that without God he was out of control and life was unraveling. Once he finally let go of his life and gave it to God then things started to change. The problems did not go away but he can now see God bigger than his problems.

Mo and Sheron's Story

Mo and Sheron shares with us that even when two people with two different religions come together only Christ can bring peace and unity.

Kriss Lewis' Story

Kriss Lewis shares with us that his life apart from God put him in places he did not want to be. A life of pain, addiction, and incarceration. But after turning to God and committing his life to follow Jesus is when he was blessed instead of being cursed.

Paula Fonseca's Story

Watch or listen to why Paula has joy and blessings even with all of the hurts and hang-ups that have happened in her life.

Marq'ues Williams' Story

Marq'ues shares with us that God is always with us and if we walk by faith He will carry us even through the fears and challenges of life.

Erick Romero's Story

Erick shares with us the pains and struggles caused by his own sin. Then after having Christ in his life, God was able to bring him through but other trials came up even in Christ. Listen to how Erick dealt with those new trials in his life with Christ.

Tana Baldwin's Story

Tana shares how she learned that her identity should not come from people or her occupation but from Christ.

Keith Junior's Story

Keith shares with us how painful it was going through life but how God used all of those things for good.

Rey Melendez' Story

Rey Melendez shares his story of how even being abandoned by his birth parents God was still there to adopt him and change him. Watch or listen to how God can adopt you into His family and use you despite being abandoned by others.

Adrian and Jennifer's Story

Watch or listen to this couples amazing story of how God's love flowed through to bring them closer together and closer to God.

Rashayne Davenport's Story

Rashayne Davenport shares her amazing story of how even through the doubting and sins committed God still wanted a relationship with her. Watch or listen to how you can have that new relationship with Christ and have your life transformed.

Kristin Hernandez' Story

Kristin Hernandez shares her story of how Christ was glorified even through the pain of losing the greatest gift that could ever be given. Watch or listen to how God can bring us through the pain and sorrow of life most difficult circumstances.

Aaron Saucedo's Story

Aaron Saucedo shares his story of how Christ changed his life to be content and have blessings through sacrifice. Watch or listen to how God can do this in your life no matter how old you are.

Cardboard Testimonies

Watch these amazing cardboard testimonies of how Christ transformed each life individually.

Scotty Days' Story

Scotty Days shares with us his story of how Christ transformed his life from being addicted to having true freedom. Watch or listen to this wonderful story and share it with someone you know!