See the Good | Jamie Winship, Identity Exchange

July 7, 2020 • Chris Elliott, Jamie Winship

Jamie Winship shares how his organization, Identity Exchange, is helping people face the realities of life during a pandemic—and experience personal growth in spite of it. Learn more about Identity Exchange: www.identityexchange.com

40. How to build trust & empathy with the next generation (with Heather Thompson Day)

May 27, 2022 • Heather Thompson Day, Nick Bogardus, Carolyn Farny

In the final part of our interview, Heather describes how younger generations have been shaped by technology and what they actually want (and need) from the Church today.

39. What church leaders may not know about Gen Z (with Heather Thompson Day)

May 13, 2022 • Carolyn Farny, Nick Bogardus, Heather Thompson Day

Join our conversation with Dr. Heather Thompson Day—professor, author, and interdenominational speaker—as we consider how to reach the next generation with the gospel. Plus, Heather shares her insight on what church leaders can learn from Gen Z and their digital habits. Learn more about Heather Thompson Day: https://www.heatherthompsonday.com/

38. Navigating hybrid ministry through a missional lens (with Beth Guckenberger)

April 22, 2022 • Justin Tarsiuk, Beth Guckenberger, Carolyn Farny

Beth Guckenberger—renowned author and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries—joins us to discuss how technology creates unique opportunities to connect people with the gospel. Plus, Beth shares her insight on how the local Church can benefit from adopting a more missional perspective. Learn more about Back2Back Ministries: https://back2back.org/