15. Find community wherever you are (with Justin & Janae Klatt)

March 17, 2020

Justin and Janae Klatt, founders and lead pastors of Imagine Church, share their church planting journey. Listen in to hear how Imagine Church has embraced technology in order to cultivate discipleship and build community across the United States through in-person and remote gatherings. Learn more about Imagine Church: www.imagine.church

See the Good | Jamie Winship, Identity Exchange

July 7, 2020

Jamie Winship shares how his organization, Identity Exchange, is helping people face the realities of life during a pandemic—and experience personal growth in spite of it. Learn more about Identity Exchange: www.identityexchange.com

See the Good | Jamie Aten & Kent Annan, Humanitarian Disaster Institute

June 30, 2020

Jamie Aten and Kent Annan join us from Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute, the first faith-based academic disaster research center in the United States. Listen in to hear how they’re providing churches with timely resources regarding spiritual health, reopening, the future of the church, and so much more. Learn more about the Humanitarian Disaster Institute: www.wheaton.edu/HDI Learn more about the Spiritual First Aid Hub: www.spiritualfirstaidhub.com

See the Good | Bert Alcorn, Anthem Ventura

June 23, 2020

Bert Alcorn, lead pastor of Anthem Ventura, shares how they are embracing the reality of ministry amidst a pandemic by thoughtfully reexamining and adapting their strategy in order to come out of this season looking more like Jesus. Learn more about Anthem Ventura: www.anthemventura.org