The Gospel Of Mark

Following Christ To The Cross

Resurrection, Commission, And Ascension

Lesson 45 • January 8, 2020 • Pastor Chad Thompson

This last chapter of Mark wraps up with Jesus' resurrection from the tomb, His commission to His church to preach the gospel to every person, and His ascension to heaven where He began His High Priestly work of interceding and advocating on the behalf of believers.

A Story Worth Telling

Lesson 44 • December 18, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Unfortunately there was a recording malfunction. There is no recording of this lesson. Bottom line: The resurrection of Jesus is a story worth telling. The women who came to the grave on Sunday morning found Jesus' body gone and an angel sitting in the tomb. They were very afraid but were given the command to go and tell that Jesus is alive! They overcame their fears and told the news that was simply too good not to be shared. How about us? Shouldn't we do the same, i.e. overcome our perceived fears and tell the news that is simply too good not to be shared.

Jesus' Crucifixion

Lesson 43 • December 11, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

This study is a detailed account of Jesus' condemnation, scourging, mocking, and crucifixion. Barabbas was set free, while Jesus took what was no doubt meant to be his cross. In a much greater way, Jesus took our cross. He is our substitute. We can truly say, "He died for me."

Handling Injustice

Lesson 42 • December 4, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

In this lesson we learn some practical lessons about how to respond to injustices in our lives. Certainly, we have an example to follow in Jesus.

Sifting Faith

Lesson 41 • November 20, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Peter's faith failed in measure when he denied Jesus, but it didn't fail in whole. Satan sought to sift his faith so that he would fall away from Jesus. God allowed the sifting so that Peter would actually have his pride sifted away. Failure isn't good, but good can come from failure. We can learn from Peter's story that when we fail we should allow our failure to drive us to repentance, turning, and conversion, and also use our failures to help strengthen others.

The Sin Within

Lesson 40 • November 13, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Judas' betrayal started as a sinful plan in his heart. His sin led him to actually betray Jesus and turn him over to the religious authorities for thirty pieces of silver. His sinful thought led to a heinous sinful action. But after the betrayal, his remorse led him to hang himself. He served evil and in the end was consumed by evil. This lesson focuses on Marks recounting of the betrayal of Jesus and gives four ways Judas' story can apply to us.

The Garden Of Pressing

Lesson 39 • November 6, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was tempted, pressed by Satan, to avoid the cross, to choose self-preservation over self-sacrifice. In the Garden of Gethsemane we see the humanity of Jesus more than anywhere else in Scripture. His will struggled against the will of the Father. He prayed and begged for strength from God. He yielded to the will of the Father. He overcame temptation in the Garden. He would go on to triumph over Satan on the cross. We can learn much from Jesus' example about how to face our own pressing moments and experiences of life.

The First Lord's Supper

Lesson 38 • October 23, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The Last Supper (i.e. Passover meal for Jesus) was also the first Lord's Supper. Jesus instituted this meal as a memorial, a way of remembering His sacrifice for our sin. If we fail to remember we will forget His sacrifice from a practical standpoint. The supper is extremely important.

Two Suppers - Two Extremes

Lesson 37 • October 16, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus eats two suppers with his men on back to back nights. One supper is at Simon the lepers house. The other supper is in the upper room. Between the two suppers we see individuals act in the extreme in opposite directions. At Simon's house, Mary pours out the contents of an alabaster box in worship of Jesus. It is lavish, unreserved, costly, and uninhibited. In the upper room, Jesus announces his impending betrayal by Judas. Judas has the audacity to ask, "Is it I?" He knew full well he had already conspired to betray Jesus. Within hours of this announcement, Judas would indeed betray Christ. We see the extremes of Worship and Betrayal.

The Olivet Discourse

Lesson 36 • October 2, 2019 • Chad Thompson

In the Olivet Discourse Jesus gives an overview of the characteristics leading up to and including the tribulation period and His second coming.

Q & A With Jesus

Lesson 35 • September 18, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

As the religious leaders (enemies) of Jesus become desperate to hold on to their power and thwart people from following Jesus, they cunningly devise a plan to ask Jesus question that are designed to trap Him and make Him look bad in the eyes of the people. Being much wiser than His enemies, Jesus not only answers the questions in such a way that He dismays His enemies, He then turns around asks His own questions of them.

Unlimited Supply. Limited Access.

Lesson 34 • September 11, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus tells an emotionally charged story to drive the point home that God's patience was going to run out with the religious leaders Israel. They could could continue to reject the Messiah, but judgment would eventually come. God's grace is in unlimited supply. But, access to His grace is limited to this life.

Good For Nothing

Lesson 33 • September 5, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

The Jewish leaders rejected Jesus as King and Messiah. They chose instead to elevate the temple, their faith, and their authority above Jesus. What they didn't understand was that they had acted and believed in such a way that they served a good for nothing temple, believed with a good for nothing faith, and led with a good for nothing authority.

I Am Your King!

Lesson 32 • August 28, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus rides to town on a colt declaring Himself to be King. He is both the rightful ruler of the throne and temple. On Palm Sunday Jesus indicated and revealed this very truth by fulfilling prophecy, cleansing the temple, performing miracles, and receiving acclamation.

Jesus, Son Of David

Lesson 31 • August 21, 2019 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Savior. In the healing of Bartimaeus we see the picture and proof of who Jesus is. In the response of Bartimaeus to Jesus healing him, we see what our response to Jesus should be - following and serving Jesus with a heart of gratefulness.