Jesus Is The Answer

When You Need Something To Be Thankful For

November 19, 2017 • November 19, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: The Lord's Supper is a simple meal that allow for reflection and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done for me. The Lord's Supper is the original Thanksgiving Meal. When we partake of the Lord's Supper we have an opportunity to express our gratefulness to Jesus for what He has done for us, given to us, makes available to us, will do for us, and allows us to participate in.

When You Need Life

November 12, 2017 • November 12, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line; Jesus calls me from the grave to live committed to Him by thriving in community with others. Only Jesus can give life. Only Jesus can call us from the spiritual grave of sin. But once called forth, it is the community of believers (local church) that is to us get out of the grave clothes (sin) that binds us. The story of Lazarus' resurrection in John 11 is an illustration of these truths.

When You Need A Friend

November 5, 2017 • November 5, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: Jesus seeks me as a friend to save me from my sin. Jesus initiates a friendship with us. He includes us in His circle of friends. He influences us to change. He makes us new within and without.

When The Rowing Is Hard

October 29, 2017 • October 29, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: Jesus allows my rowing to grow harder so that my faith will grow stronger. When my rowing is hard (i.e. my circumstances are difficult relationally, financially, maritally, professionally, situationally, etc.) Jesus is aware, He is praying, He is with me, He is growing my faith, and He will see me through.

When What You Have Isn't Enough

October 15, 2017 • October 15, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: Jesus provides all I need to give and receive His ministry. Sometimes we feel like what we have simply isn't enough for what we need in terms of a problem we're facing, a burden we're bearing, or situation we're facing. And other times, we see a problem that someone else is facing, and we think about the answer to the problem and how we can help but realize that in terms of ministry, we simply don't have enough to fix the problem. Whether the problem is ours or someone else that we seek to minister too, when what we have isn't enough, Jesus is the Answer! We see this very situation play out in the story of the feeding of the 5,000. In this message, The disciples didn't have enough time, money, or resources to feed the people. And the people didn't have enough food to eat. Jesus knew the problem and the solution to the problem because He is the Answer.

When You Need More Than What You Want Most

October 8, 2017 • October 8, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: Jesus can use the thing we most want as a means to met our greatest need. Sometimes we ask God why things happened. Sometimes we wish certain things never did happen. But often, if our perspective is right, we come to realize that we gain something or were blessed in someway that we would never have received if the thing we wished had never happened didn't happen. What if the nobleman's son had not been ill? What if the thing he wished had never happened never did happen? How would that have affected him? In reality, Jesus used the thing that he most wanted corrected (i.e. his son's illness) as the means for providing for his greatest correction (i.e. his salvation). Sermon notes with blanks filled in - https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?doc=H1pXxF83W&hints=true

When There's No Way Out

October 1, 2017 • October 1, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: Jesus is our only hope for freedom from sin's bondage and penalty. When there's no way out, Jesus is the Answer! Sin will seek to control you and keep you in bondage. What starts out as a temptation that we can say yes to can turn into such bondage to sin that we can't say no. The demoniac of Gadara is an illustration of both bondage to sin and liberation by Jesus. Sermon notes with blanks filed in - https://notes.subsplash.com/fill-in/view?doc=rJWodEajZ&hints=true

When Guilt Won't Go Away

September 10, 2017 • September 10, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: I'm freed from the guilt that shackles me when I surrender to the Savior who seeks me. When guilt won't go away, Jesus is the answer! The woman at the well was living a life of failure, but then she met Jesus. He offered her a life of forgiveness and freedom She simply had to surrender herself in faith to the One who offered her living water.

When Religion Fails

September 3, 2017 • September 3, 2017 • Pastor Chad Thompson

Bottom line: My right standing with God is achieved by God though relationship not me through religion. When religion fails, Jesus is the answer.